Lets do Bin-tan: Escape Unwind Discover

What’s Bintan

Bintan an Island in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia also called Negeri Segantang Lada is a part of the Riau Islands province. Its capital Tanjung Pinang lies in the south and is the island's main community. 

Flourishing as a trading post between India and China over many centuries it later came under the control of China, the British, and then the Dutch when it was declared part of the Dutch East Indies through the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824. It is also called the "Pirate Island" for Malay pirates used to loot trading ships sailing in the waters of Bintan.


Although it is within the territory of Indonesia but is marketed at residents from nearby Singapore which is just a 50 minute trip from Bintan. The island has many beaches with beach-front International hotels and resorts and the most prominent of these resorts is the Bintan Resorts which is set over an area of 300 hectares of tropical environment. 

Bintan Resorts

A gateway to all the fun, sun, sand and action, Bintan Resorts is a multi-award winning, integrated tropical beach resort destination with world-class facilities. 

It is an amazing place full of culture and rich vegetation. From the street art at Tanjung Pinang, Luohan Temple which consists of more than 500 statues of arhats, Nirwana Gardens, Trikora beach where you can even spot boat making to the delicious food it boasts about, one just can’t have enough of this island. Interesting thing to know is that it is 2.5 times the size of Singapore but is a short stay destination which one can easily cover it in a week’s time.

The Contrast

Bintan is a contrast of big and small. From Sumatran elephants to the newly-hatched turtles, Bintan is vivid. One can in fact get to know the elephants personally at the Jumbo park. The Jumbo ride awaits you.

It is an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of city life as its white sandy beaches and blue-green waters are very welcoming. It’s equally good for both the nature lovers and hard core adventurers. One can enjoy mountain bike expedition, cycling, go-kart, air bound adventures and the list goes on. 

One very unique thing I found during my Bintan – research is that, it also hosts the award-winning Mangrove Discovery Tour. It’s one and a half hour eco tour that takes one back-to-nature, a beautiful head-on with Bintan island’s rich mangrove forests. The journey through the quiet waterways of Sebung River, is quite scenic and one can observe the countless flora and fauna that flourishes alongside the paddy green mangrove leaves. The river hosts exotic and some of its really shy wildlife that includes the macaque and silver leaf monkeys, monitor lizards and snakes. 

The journey goes on but not without hearing the humming of the kingfisher and purple heron. The coral fish, mudskippers, crabs, prawns, mud lobsters, snails, clams and a variety of small fish also teams up to give a delight sight. It goes without saying that the tradition surrounds this area with the local fishermen, the fishing houses and the river folk.

How to Reach?

The destination can be reached via daily direct flights from Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia. This integrated tropical beach resort destination defines luxury which can also be reached via fast and comfortable ferries (55 minutes away from Singapore and 35 minutes away from Batam, Indonesia). Bintan is an ideal holiday spot for solo travellers to make new friends, couples, families, corporate groups, spa lovers and honeymooners. It is like a twin destination with Singapore (city & beach resort appeal), providing tourists with ‘two destinations in one holiday!’

I believe a quick getaway from Singapore and Indonesia specially for Indians who live to go to these countries.

That is not all and for more on travel tips and information you can click here.

This is enough to tempt me and my twin “Singapore – Bintan” holiday shall happen very soon. Hope you too are ready to pack your bags. Don’t forget your cam ;)

~ Me And My Suitcase

P.S. Pictures and information have been taken via Google and the Bintan-resort website.


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