Adventure of Blackbeard

When I got the Colgate hamper in my post I was wondering how will I weave a story around the characters it carries. But my lil bro was more than happy. He cut them into the beautiful characters and gave me this great Colgate story with a morale.

Adventure of Blackbeard

An unadulterated Coral Reef for a long time. Beauty which cannot be defined in words as per the legends but still not a travel hub. Surprising?

This area as people say is a house to great flora and fauna, some lovely and some deadly creatures and some hidden secrets. Once upon a time the Blackbeard set foot on his pirate ship and left for this mysterious coral reef with his treasure map which was passed to him through his forefathers. 

A month had past he had left his city Alpha, but had still not reached the destination. But why? Was he even on the right track? He was wondering about the correctness of map when he saw something which was like magic. A mermaid. He rubbed his eyes twice. Yes there was a mermaid, swimming along with the dolphin. He was still not believing his eyes and then he heard his name from nearby. He was nearing an island and a girl was standing on the shore. Now who is she? He wondered again. Anchoring his little ship he got down ashore. Without waiting for him to speak, she started talking, “Hi! I am Sadie, and I know why you are here?”

Blackbeard: How do you know about me?
Sadie: Your uncle had told me.
Blackbeard: What? (With lot of surprise but suspicion)
Sadie: Don’t be surprised, he too had come in search of treasure and I had met him here 50 years back. I not human but the daughter of this sea. I am 150 years old.

Without him asking she cleared all his doubts. Blackbeard uncle had died while searching for the treasure and had a made a good friend in Sadie on his voyage. Narrating all the story, she asked Blackbeard to spend a night on the island and think of a further plan.

The evening they spent talking about the creatures in the area and other mysterious things which awaits them. Sadie also told him about the mermaid that seeing her is a good omen. She stays in the underwater castle and can be of help in finding treasure.

Next morning both of them with their underwater gears left in Blackbeard’s ship for the castle. As they reached their, they found a sting ray and a lion fish guarding the gates. Its no joke crossing through them, said Sadie. But Blackbeard did not know that Sadie were friends with them. They easily got the access and were then welcomed by the mermaid.

She said that she can’t give him the whole treasure just like that but he has to answer 3 questions:

Q1. Who carries the eggs, the male or the female sea horse?

Q2. How many hearts does octopus have?

Q3. Which is the largest member of the dolphin family?

Blackbeard replied to her with male, 3 and Orca respectively for the questions asked.

Mermaid was quite happy with his knowledge and thus gave him a parrot and crab as gift and giving him the direction towards the shipwreck wished him all the best.

Blackbeard left alone for the shipwreck. He saw many creatures on the way like starfish, sword fish and later puffer fish ditching a Barracuda when it was about to become Barracuda’s meal. Somehow it was quite hilarious for the Blackbeard. But not for long when he saw a deadly octopus guarding the treasure box. He remembered mermaid telling him that there is only one way to get rid of the octopus and it cannot die using any kind of weapon. She had not told him what that one thing was because only worthy could take the treasure with them.

Blackbeard was wondering from the time he had left from the castle but now everything was clear, the two gifts by mermaid were for a reason. He took the magical parrot out and asked her why are you here? Parrot as it nature is started speaking in the voice of mermaid, “Ohh dear Octopus its time lets hand over this treasure to its true owner”

Octopus was adamant but about time the crab distracted the already perplexed octopus by jumping on it. Taking advantage of the moment Blackbeard entered the shipwreck, hiding there was a submarine. He filled it with treasure but most importantly his great grand fathers’ antique gold clock. Yes it was his forefathers’ ship and the treasure hence was his life mission to search for. He was actually the owner and by his intelligence and intellect he got it for his tribe and re-established his kingdom again because his tribe was not a group of pirates but once a great kingdom.

Hope you have enjoyed!!