Mumbai to Singapore

A dream is a dream until it’s realized and lived, and I dream about traveling with my eyes both closed and open, trying to make them happen. It’s been on my mind to take a trip abroad from quite some time. Being a resident of India, a country that is so vivid in culture, food, people, language and places; I want my first visit abroad to a country like India and nearby too. For this, I have shortlisted places like Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, and Singapore. 

When I discuss with my friends they all are like let’s go to Singapore, so I have been researching on it from quite some time. The Lion city, as it is called, is one of the most popular destination among tourists. Singapore has in fact bagged Asia’s top city attraction at World Travel Awards 2012. 
A fishing village just over a century ago now houses awe inspiring architecture, world’s freakiest theme park, a beautiful blend of old and the new i.e. heritage buildings and modern skyscrapers. Singapore Tourism has become larger than life over the period of past few years, a good blend of traditional and modern. 

I want to sit by Marina Bay or on the window of my room, top floor of Marina Bay sands resort watching over the glittering of lights in the dark night or crunching on some street food or party like it’s the last night of my life. 

7 things I really want to do in Singapore. 

The City Tour. I would like to start with the city tour, roaming in public transport because it’s clean and safe as I have heard from people. Parliament house, cricket club, Merlion Park where I can click lots and lots of picture and savor in the beautiful view of Marina Bay, visit to Universal Studio. 

Marina Bay
Universal Studio
Merilon Park

The Island. Visit Sentosa Island which is a 500 hectare resort – Premium Island. The resort has lush rain forest and beautiful beaches in the neighbourhood as well as Museums and other attractions. Will definitely try the cable car ride, dolphin lagoon, underwater world and wings of time. 

Sentosa Island
Rain forest area
Wings of Time
Trees trees and trees. Singapore is a hub of green attractions, be it Garden by the bays, Botanic Gardens, sleepy jungles of Pulau Ubin, Jurong Lake or the East Coast. 

Garden by bay
Botanic Garden
The temples. India and temples go hand in hand and yes when in Singapore, I really would like to see these beautiful temples there viz. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple and Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. 

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple
Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple
Fun and Adventure. I really want to indulge in indoor sky diving at IFly Singapore, go museum hopping, shopping and night safari. 

Night Safari
The Giant wheel. This wheel is more than a giant wheel in fun and fair. It’s the world’s largest giant observation wheel. Its 165 m tall and gives a beautiful panoramic view of the city skyline. 

Giant Observation Wheel
Foodies Delight. I am a hard core foodie but a vegetarian too which restricts the options especially when you are abroad. But finding out right thing at the right place and right time is a quality; a foodie and a traveller possess. I would love to try food at China food court, then a typical Singaporean breakfast kaya toast, visit to Kim Choo Kueh Chang to get acquainted with culture and cuisines of the Peranakans and the local street food hawkers. 


A trip is never complete without pictures, lot of fun and good memories. This is possible with nothing but a good plan. There are a lot of options and by booking one of the Singapore Packages I can make hassle free trip happen with my bunch of crazies. 

Happy Travels! 

~ MeAndMySuitcase

P.S. Pictures have been collected through Google search.


  1. ईश्वर की बनाई रचना को देखकर जो सुकून मिलता है
    उसको शब्दों में नहीं कह सकते। तुमने इस तरह से विवरण दिया है कि मैं पूरी तरह यात्रा का आनंद लेने लगी, जल्दी ही मैं भी घूमने के लिऐ निकलुंगी जिससे हकीकत में उसका आनन्द ले सकूं।

  2. Did you go to Singapore via some travel company tour?

    1. Hello Swapni.. it's basically an itinerary. If you read, it says 7 things I really want to do when I visit Singapore.

  3. I didn't knew what to cover in Singapore so covered only a few things. Now I know more and next time |I will definitely cover all the things.


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