Nostalgia: Everyone's Keepsake

This week I will be joining Jessica and Nicolette for the #CultureTrav travel chat on twitter as we talk Nostalgia.

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Nostalgia; you look out of the window and it starts coming. You walk by a new lane, but still some known feeling starts to seep in: a trip which makes you go weak in knees by remembering that moment, or the meal you had on your special date, that song, that TV series and the list goes on.

New trips, new people, the present, and some things that we all know happen for a reason reminds us of those days, memories, even to the extent of Déjà Vu, and that’s nothing but Nostalgia.

The weird thing is that things that made you happy in past will actually make you feel sad, and that feeling is nostalgia. You may cry or smile, but those memories take you back in time. 

But everyone likes to feel nostalgic once in a while, as memories keep you going, remembering: good, old people, places, and in fact goodness of everything. You can never feel nostalgic about bad things that have happened.

No matter what, the bottom line is you will keep living those memories in the process of making the new ones.

Do well and feel happy about that because “Happiness is a way of Travel and not Destination” and in the name of travel join us on Friday, 5th Feb at 01:00 am IST (i.e. Thursday, 4th Feb at 02:30 pm EST) to discuss more about “Nostalgia”.

We’d love to hear your stories and live your memories with you! Catch a glimpse of a part of chat i.e. the questions we’ll be asking apart from going down that memory lane.

Q1: Do you feel nostalgia plays an important role in maintaining special travel memories? Why or why not? #CultureTrav

Q2: Is there something in your travel history you never want to forget? Please share it and why it is meaningful. Have a photo? #CultureTrav

Q3: Is there a particular scent that takes you back to a place or time from your travels? Please describe it. #CultureTrav

Q4: Have you ever heard a story from a fellow traveler that made you nostalgic for a moment in your past? Tell us about it. #CultureTrav

Q5: Has a movie, book, or TV series ever made you nostalgic for someplace you’ve visited during your travels? Share the story! #CultureTrav

Q6: How do you feel about nostalgic moments? Do they make you feel happy, sad, another emotion? Why? #CultureTrav

BONUS: How do you think nostalgia binds us across cultures? #CultureTrav

Cheers to Happy Chat!!