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A Panoramic view of Versova Beach
Its Friday eve, totally exhausted from that long week work and yeah you need a break. Its Mumbai, lot of traffic, pollution, crowd and on Friday eve people are either running back home or partying.
I wanted some peace and quality time to spend to get rid of the week long stress. Then I with a few friends came up with the idea of visiting beach followed by dinner at some new place.

We zeroed on Versova Beach as opined by one of our other friend. Versova Beach is just 4 to 5 km away from my office and is known to be comparatively less crowded and clean.

The Beach
It's a rocky beach, an extension of Juhu Beach it self, facing Arabian sea in the heart of Mumbai. Fishing is the main biz here and a large fishing community stays in one part of Versova Beach. The beach is in fact named after the fishing village 'Vesave' which is a marathi word and again 'vesave' originates from 'visava' which literally means to rest.
The beach is devoid of any permanent structures since the whole beach gets drowned in water during rains and the residential buildings and the beach are separated by rocks for the former's safety and also to avoid any further erosion. 

The Experience
We reached when the sun had just set and the sky was blushing pink and orange with birds making patterns in the sky and cool breeze blending in with the beautiful music of gushing sea waves. 

As we reached, crowd was minimal the way we wanted. Nevertheless, we saw all sorts of people. One like us who just came to chill, have fun and rejuvenate; then the health conscious ones, walking and jogging by the coast; one group had that big, amazing DSLR doing photo shoot; some just playing and then those who just wanted to be with each other, the love birds.

We all might have had different reasons but the beauty of nature was that one common thing for which we were there. 

As I look upon the sky and then the sea trying to find the line
which separates them but I can't. The depth is unfathomable
I really loved this beach, had a quaint evening. Mission Accomplished.

The Final Word
I would love to go back. I recommend this beach specially for Friday eve if its near your work place or go early morning. Just to add, its no Goa beach but considering the kind of beaches we have in Mumbai, this one is good.

Also Versova beach is in the neighborhood of some really cool joints where you can spend quality time eating, chit chatting. I with my friends visited Leaping Windows (to check out its review, click here), the comic cafe which again I would say is a must visit. We had a hearty dinner and a fun night. 

The Right Time
Early morning or eves. Late September to Early March. Not during summer and rains of course.

The Access
Versova Beach is easily accessible by BEST bus, auto and also the Versova metro station which is around 5 km away.

P.S. Be safe, don't take selfies in water, coz that's not adventure but foolishness. Happy Travels!

~ #MeAndMySuitcase


  1. Some how I just dont like the beaches of Mumbai, except for Aksa Beach. Maybe this would be an exception :D
    Nice post btw!

    1. Same here vaisakhi. Specially for a person like me who has spent a substantial time in goa.
      But considering Bombay and the standard of the beaches here I found Versova Beach to be a welcoming change. I think BMC has started taking things seriously.
      And I am glad you liked the post. Thank you :)

  2. Hey stuti nice going yaar.I shall definitely checkout the joint that you mentioned. However, as far as Beach is concerned I still would go with the ones in Goa. Mumbai can't beat them. It's a huge gap that needs to be filled.

    Anyways, a very good post where we see the other side of stuti :p. All the best. Keep writing and keep traveling.

    1. Thanks buddy.
      Obviously Goa is Goa and I wish Mumbai beaches come up to that standard coz that'll increase tourism too.


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