She is my Good Vibe

As we say, a few things in life are timeless and so are some people. You can just never forget those, they, their life, teachings and moments with them are set in your subconscious. Such one person is my Granny, my mother's mum, whom we all kids used to call Amma.

She might not be there anymore in this material world but in the world of my own, she is omnipresent.

Love, affection, care, understanding, thoughtful, helpful, selfless are some of the adjectives which are synonymous with her persona. She could not walk because of arthritis, was bed ridden for years but whenever we reached or an guest come, she would some how reach her kitchen and cook for them. It was not only restricted to cooking but also she would make sweaters for kids she even wouldn't know. 

She has donated a lot of her savings and I came to know last year (year 2015) only that how she had made a Fixed Deposit of her remaining savings to be utilized after her death. The deposit once matures, my mother take out the extra money earned on that and make FD of the amount she had initially made. The extra money she use on my Amma's name for the benefit of others. Be it the studies of a kid or the marriage of a girl (who don't have money), food for hungry ones at the temple or warm clothes for the poor.

During her life too, Amma had volunteered for many charities, when she could walk, she had done seva of the patients in various hospitals, has volunteered at puttaparthi and so on. She was from an old generation but she had the courage and was bold enough to fight the world for what is right. A confident, pious, quite forward for her age, open minded and a bold lady and I look upon her. She is a definite Youth Ki Awaaz and Timeless.

She has inspired me for years and still she does when she is not even alive. She inspire me every moment to do good, make a difference in not only my life but in others too. 

She is that vibe which can never extinct from my life and I promise to #SpreadTheVibe in my life and even after my life.