We're for Women, We're for you. "New Whisper Ultra": Product Review

We're for Women
We're for you
~ Whisper's mantra

It's about waking up happy. Loving self and everyone. Being Unstoppable. Being a girl.

Whisper India takes care of that, they have and they always will with their ever continuing revolution in the field of female hygiene. As I say this, yet again whisper has come up with its brand new product; New Whisper Ultra, to #OwnThose5Days.

Well when that time came for the first time, I was introduced to whisper and I am sure its many girl's first too. Sine then Whisper has come a long way. Recently when I received this new sanitary napkin recently introduced, I couldn't stop myself from going gaga over it on using it. 

The times has gone when talking about menstruation or periods as we say so normally was considered taboo. Also there were, actually still there are many superstitions associated with the same like do not touch the pickle, don't go to the temple or pray to the god etc. and a few inhibitions like don't go for any physical activity or play any sport and the list goes on.

So I won't shy away, of course and hence goes my review, my experience with the New Whisper Ultra which promises to give 5 x Better Protection.

The New / The Features
  • Longer and lasting absorption
  • Better dryness
  • Faster absorption
  • Better comfort by softer top sheet
  • Better scent
1000 suction holes, as it claims absorb up to 100% wetness. These wholes are actually in the top sheet and thus helps absorbing the gush from all ends and ensures faster absorption too.

Magic gel crystals, a new magical introduction by whisper ensures better dryness, thereby ensuring your hygiene.

You don't have to worry about that weird smell when you have periods for which the main culprit is pads since the air doesn't reach your genitals but with new whisper ultra, as again it claims the problem is solved by that pad only this time, as it has the feature of Odour Lock.

The top sheet is soft and extra long, so no rashes or complaints on leakage.

Whisper claims to be equivalent of 5 ordinary pads.

The Experience

It is soft. I normally get rashes but this one proved to be otherwise. Smelled good the whole day. Going to washroom and dealing with that smell, not any more. The length of pad lemme sleep alright and carefree at night and long hour travels in Mumbai as one knows is not troublesome any more during periods. The pad remained fine for many hours, I could go on without changing but I would and as read at many places, suggest not to use pad at least after 5-6 hours. This new technology in the area of women health and hygiene is sure a winner, keeps you dry, fresh and filled with good smell.

Remember: Never throw pad just any where or in open condition, always wrap in paper and throw in the garbage bin. Do not flush pads.

Price: Rs. 80 for 7 pads. I will say a good, reasonable bet considering your health and hygiene.

Verdict / Rating: 4.5 / 5
It is made for the heavy period days and for the activities which demand your attention the most, like field work or playing any sport when you cannot or are not able to change the pad.

You are special so you will need no ordinary but special indeed. I am sure you wanna try it now. Why not claim your free sample here and share your stories / experiences too.

Till then.. Ciao!


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