Postcards from Maheshwar

On the Trail of Western Madhya Pradesh - Day 2 contd. Read how my journey started, here.

Elephant carving at Ahilya Fort

Maheshwar ain't far away from Mandu. We reached this peaceful, riverside town of Malwa region by around 13:00 hrs. The ride was smooth and we spotted many goats and camels on the way. 

Shepherd in Rajasthani attire managing herd 

Statue of Ahilyabai
Settled by Narmada river, Maheshwar has rich history and culture. As per legend, it was known as Mahishmati and was mentioned so in Mahabharata and Ramayana while as per history it developed under the reign of Queen (Rajmata) Ahilya Bai, a great pioneer. She had built many Hindu temples and Dharamshala throughout India. It is believed that once Lord Shiva came in her dream post which she had Kashi Vishwanath temple built in 1777. She also built the famous Vishnupad Temple in Gaya, Bihar. She made Maheshwar a centre of literary, musical and cultural enterprise. The palace in Maheshwar along with many other monuments were built under the reign of Holkar Queen Ahilya Bai in the fort complex.

There are a lot of places to see in this small town which includes Ahilya Fort & temple complex, Archaeological Museum, Laxmi Bai's Chattri, Sahastrarjun Temple, Rajrajeshwari  Temple, Royal ghats, Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple, Ahilyeshwar Temple, Sahasradhara to name a few. 

Here are postcards from Maheshwar from my visit way back in 2014.

Entrance to Ahilyabai fort complex

Intricate Carvings on one of the doors /
doorways in Ahilyabai Fort Complex

Vithoji Rao Cenatoph                                                           Ahilyabai Cenatoph

Doorway to Ghats of river Narmada

Maheshwar / Ahilya Ghat

Temples by the Ghat

Baneshwar Temple, river Narmada

A glimpse of Ahilyabai Fort. You can have a full view from the other side of Narmada river

When in Maheshwar don't forget to try some red pulp Guavas

Entrance to the residence of Ahilyabai which is now an Archaeological Museum

One of the preserved items in the Museum

Landscape of adjoining Ahilya Heritage Hotel
Tips and Tricks
  • We explored only Maheshwar Fort and Archaeological Museum, then left for Omkareshwar to get 3 places covered viz Mandu, Maheshwar and Omkareshwar in one day. If you wish, you can explore more of Maheshwar and then head straight to Indore skipping Omkareshwar or stay back in Maheshwar leaving for Omkareshwar the next morning followed by Indore.
  • Do explore handlooms and don't forget to buy one or two Maheshwari sarees which are in fact globally known. We made our purchase from Hemant handloom.
  • Don't forget to click lot of pictures.
I am sure you will be amazed too by Maheshwar's irresistible charm. A must visit.

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Trail of Western Madhya Pradesh at a glance:
Day 1 Ujjain (an ancient Indian City) --> Day 2 Mandu (a lyrical fortress) --> Day 2 Maheshwar (a city of Ahilyabai) --> Day 2 Omkareshwar, a spiritual Island --> Day 3 Indore (city of Lord Indra - Indrapur)

Happy Travelling!


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