Fair & Lovely "BB Cream": Product Review and Look Challenge

A Sunday well spent, the day when I was first introduced to Fair & Lovely BB Cream. Rejuvenating experience.


Fair & Lovely have always been associated with creams and the "fairness". I still remember, I was in school when it was first introduced. That time it was only a fairness cream but now has branched out. 

Recently, when Fair & Lovely joined the wagon of other creams and came up with its own "BB Cream" I was curious. I was wondering what is the difference, how it will swirl the world when so many BB creams are already available? But as they say first look is important, how you present yourself and stand out.

What caught my eyes was the "Rose Gold" packaging and 3D effect on the cover. 


1. This BB cream combines the benefits of both Foundation & Fairness Cream.
2. It instantly covers spots, blemishes, dark circles and dullness to give you a fabulous make-up finish.
3. It is enriched with Multi-Vitamins that work from within to give you treatment like fairness.
4. Its SPF 15, PA++ protects your fairness in the sun, and its matte texture leaves your face feeling non-oily, fresh and bright through the day.
5. Good for all type of skin, the color and type.
6. Available in: 9g, 18g, 40g for Rs. 49, 79 and 169 respectively.


I am a no-makeup gal. Moisturizer and occasional use of lipstick and eyeliner is my only thing. BB cream I have used before was good but the only issue with it was that it felt little heavy on my face.

When I used the new Fair & Lovely "BB Cream" for the first time at the event where we were given some pampering, it did not feel that heavy on my face contrary to my previous experience and this was the stand out quality of this new BB cream by Fair & Lovely. So I thought why not give this travel friendly tube a try!?


Mumbai is all about being fast, crowd & humidity and sometimes it really gets tricky in summers. Summers! When creams make you sweat and heat is absorbed like anything, well that's my experience and consequences mostly I have faced is boils on my face. So I usually avoid creams. Though, I liked using sunscreen before which ain't in existence any more. Brands improvised upon their products but that really did not help me much.

When I recently got the chance to use brand new Fair & Lovely "BB Cream", I could not resist the shine of a fairness cream with a make up finish. Not a big fan of make up but as they say curiosity is the lust of mind and make up in just a click without really putting on make up, well, I can live with that. 

I wanted to see if looks are deceptive or the product stood with the brand's image and new look of the package. So, after using it for 2 - 3 days, here is my say -

- It blends well with your skin colour
- Does not feel heavy or thick on your face
- Covers up the blemishes on your skin to some extent
- Skin feels soft
- Smells good
- The smallest size in the lot is travel friendly, fits anywhere

- Its summer, and this cream too does not help much

- Heat absorption and face sweats

So, I would like to use it once the temperature starts dropping because minus heating I liked this product.


Spread it on your skin with light strokes from middle of your face outwards on perfectly cleansed skin.


Its privilege being me :P  Yes really! No make up, casual & sporty, gimme 5 min and I am ready. This Fair & Lovely BB cream just sounds like me :)
Here I am sporting the Friday Casual Look and a layer of new Fair & Lovely BB Cream.

I chose this dress to sport on Friday #FF, courtesy "Summer". Wearing my favorite colors in the dress and flats and sporting watch in steel. Just lipstick and #Fair&Lovely "BB Cream", no make up and small tops (earrings). I think I am good to go for a Fun Friday, what you think about that?


Yes I would recommend to everyone, just watch out for the heat. Its travel friendly and an instant solution. Worth a try.


Rating: 3.5 / 5


P.S. I’m reviewing Fair & Lovely BB Cream and creating a unique look with it.