#MyFirstExpert - My Mom


Practically an expert, synonym of perfection, epitome of love and purity; that's mother.

A best friend and confidante. You have her; you need not ask for more. She loves, she pampers, she cajoles her baby and we love that.

Well my mum is not the kind who'll pamper her kids or spoil them with their unnecessary demands or show off that love. Instead she is the one who's all ears whether you need to speak or not. The one who understands your situation by just looking into the eyes and will teach you to fight like warrior.

She is emotional? Yes. Which mother is not. But she showers her love in a subtle way. She loves me and I love her back but I am sure I will never be a match to that.

She is the one who is always smiling no matter what and yes sometimes she surprisingly wakes me up with a kiss on cheek and when she does that it feels like I am on top of the world. 

She's my partner in crime and I love to take a ride with her whether its when we having tea at 5 in the morning even on a weekend or up till late chatting or doing some random stuff or just listening to music lying on the bed.


She taught me to make Tea. It was my duty to prepare one in the eve when my father returned from work. I was 5th standard back then. Now I excel in making tea and I owe that to my mum. That was the only think she allowed me to do in kitchen during my school days. I was banned from coming into the kitchen although I knew to cook. She used to say, "meri ladkiya (referring to me n sis) kitchen mein nahi aayengi, tabhi jab zarurat hogi, jab main baahar gayi ya tabyat theek nahi ho tab". That was during school and college. But now I insist on preparing meal, at least 2, during the weekends and yeah tea is my department whenever I am home.

She loves to Travel and I think I have inherited that from her. I have traveled around 60% of India and am proud of that. Its not the only thing I have inherited but now I am nearing towards excelling the bag packing too. I still remember that day, we had all gone to my amma's (we called our mum's mother amma) place in Lucknow and we had our train the next day. I took the suitcases from my mother's hands and started packing them. Amma was watching me intently which I didn't notice before she commented, "Vandana (my mum) dekho to stuti kitni achchi ataichi (suitcase) laga rahi hai, maanna padega bhai tuhe maat kar diya isne", to which my mum said, "amma aap hi ki to beti hai, aap hi ki tarah to hogi" and this made me proud. It felt like the bag packing skills have come genetically into me. The flip side of this is, no matter how late I am in reaching home from work, how busy I am, whether I tag along or not with my mum during travel; I do her packing. She just can't do it now without my assistance :D "Kidding" because it is not really the flip side, I actually love that. My mum do make me feel special that way :)

Yes, she is my teacher, companion and secret keeper. She is my teddy bear to hug and play with whenever I am down. Wheels of my life and the light at the end of my tunnel of problems, whom I really can't afford to part with like in case of any other kid. Today whatever I am, I owe my self esteem, the confidence, how to love & respect, all to my mother.

A POEM FOR #MyFirstExpert

A peck on cheeks or pyar ki thapki on my head, 
A bear hug or sleeping in her arms; 
The ways she embrace & my worries go away.

A good story to bed, once in a while
Does its magic, don't know how she succeed her every try
I sleep tight and get up the other day fresh and bright.

That's Not Just It

These were the few best moments and memories of the lot with #MyFirstExpert, my mum. Don't know how time flew and its 5 in the morning. My mum has brought Tea and its time to kick start Saturday morning. Do share your memories too.
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Over and out for now, cheers to lovely mothers.

~ Stuti