Foot Care with Oriflame

Beautiful face, soft skin, no blemish, clean and clear. We always target this. 

Our daily ritual includes face wash, moisturizer, sun block, night cream etc. etc. But have we ever give so much attention to our feet. Feet are the most neglected part of our body, mostly.

Well, I have grown up with the advice that always take care of your feet the most. It does a lot for you, from taking care of your weight to take you where your heart desire. SO, its our duty to take care of them too.

To add, beautiful feet actually enhance your sex appeal. People usually judge you with your feet and shoes of course.

Recently I came across this relaxing pedicure set by Oriflame and believe me it’s a life saver.

The Product: Oriflame’s – Nature Secrets, Relaxing Pedicure Set (Nettle & Lemon)

A luxurious product which not only protect but also renew feet and nails. Smoothen, soothes and nourishes with lemon oil and purifying nettle extracts. The kit has four products and hence the four steps.

Products: Nettle and Lemon Soak, Nettle and Lemon Scrub, Cuticle Removal Gel and Nettle and Lemon Foot Massage.

Steps are mentioned behind the kit. They are simple and within 15 – 20 min you will get refreshed and clean & clear feet.

The Experience

As the product claims not only my feet but I too feel relaxed and rejuvenated with my clean, smooth & clear feet. Beautiful feet is the feel good factor and the key to confident and refreshed feeling. 

I like taking care of my feet and Oriflame has really made this a lot easy job for me. 

The Price

It costs Rs.1199/- for –

- Foot massage cream: 150 g

- Cuticle softener: 15 ml

- Foot scrub: 150 g

- Foot soak: 150 ml

According to me price, is worth what this product offers. No more spending huge amount on pedicure out in salon.

4.5 / 5.

Try it and you will know.

Take Care  :)