Cho-chweet, baby, babu, angel, candy; people have so many names when they are in gushy gushy, love. This is the language of every couple in a cute relationship.

It’s G2k (Generation 2000), falling in love was by default through generations but being in a relationship has become very common these days. Every second person on this planet is in a relationship. The feeling of having that special someone in your life is beautiful; it always keeps you ecstatic and happy.

“I love you not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you!!” Truly Romantic.

Ahem ahem!! That someone is around you and you start getting goose bumps, you start feeling shy “especially gals” and “guys” you do get nervous. No matter how old the relationship is, when you feel every following day as the first day of your relation, the freshness of love never fades away. Love, so far so unpredictable. While the relationship, a predictable structure. There are clichés.

1. What’s in the name: In a relationship every day starts and ends with a name.

Calling your gal – The favourites are Baby, cutie, sweetie, honey, tweetie pie, babe and one word which melts her heart the most when you call her sweetheart, which gives her the pleasant feeling that she is someone very special for you.

Calling your guy – Honey, smarty, dashing (well nothing could boost his ego more than this), precious, handsome and the most common but still the best when you call himdarling; which qualifies for both, the gal and the guy.

2. Where there’s Love, there are Fights.

Relations are incomplete without conflicts. No two people are same. Two different people and there difference of opinion and lotsa arguments. But best is to grow outta them not water them. Fights can vary from calling each other by silly names to teasing each other and even over a silly remote to watch that idiot box. Arguments over where to go on holiday to what to have in dinner and now days who will cook But the rule to get over them is just one, that it shall never be more than a friendly fight. How? Embrace conflict. Attack issue but never each other’s self-esteem. Respect & Never be judgmental. Find solution.

3. Like together – together.

Dating is essential; going out, watching movies, discs, and restaurants. And if you are those adventurous types then there is no stopping you, camping, hiking and water rafting. It is the best way to bond, doing crazy stuff together and cherish those memories forever.

There may be so many commons in Relationships. But what makes it different is the two persons involved who makes it extra special and gorgeous.

Cheers to love, which makes people do silly things even in serious setting. Pure & divine, fun & life.

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