Oriflame "The One" - Products Review

My Oriflame Collection
Launched by Huma Qureshi its THE ONE, the new range of cosmetics by Oriflame. With the launch the brand also came up with bloggers reach program and courtesy them that I got a few fabulous Oriflame products.

In October, a new range of Oriflame products was launched - The One. In this post I'll be covering Eye liner Stylo, Volume Blast Mascara, Illuskin Concealer and Illuskin Foundation.


Simple sketch pen like, light packaging its "The One". It can fit anywhere in your small pouch and has a gripping cap which will not let the tip damage.

I have this really awesome "The ONE Eye Liner Stylo" - Blue 0.8 ml. Its soft, thin tip and the gripping pen like body helps in smooth application. Its a boon to people who ain't very good with eye liner application, specially for a No Make up gal like me who if uses make up its only restricted to eye makeup and lipstick. I love eye makeup and from the day I have got "The ONE Eye Liner Stylo", have never parted with it.

I got the Blue one. Its actually inky blue and not the blue blue and gives the matte finish. While applying just make sure your eyelids ain't oily / greasy and it will not smudge. Also a plus point is that it remains for a long time. Well! I have worn it from 9 to 9, so you now know its long lasting. Just one issue with it that the blue looks a l'il on black side and yeah that its not water proof.  Else it is travel friendly, good for beginners like me and new in town. :)

Price: Rs.499/- (Reasonable)

My Rating: 4/5

My Say: Waiting for more shades.


Like name like body. The mascara comes in thick berry color stylish body. The wand is big so easy to apply and covers all lashes at almost one go. It doesn't clutter lashes and also after application don't make them look fake. Give good length and curl to the lashes. Dries rapidly and pocket friendly, fit in your small pouch easily. its long lasting like the eyeliner stylo. The only problem i found with it that one or two eyelashes break while removing mascara. Also it gives a good volume, its not the blast as the name exaggerates.

Price: Rs.529/- (Little pricey)

My Rating: 3/5

My Say: I like the length and curls it gives to my lashes.


I got the The One Illuskin Concealer in Nude Pink shade which is for a general fair skin tone but has a pink undertone. It gives a medium coverage. Though I haven't ever used a concealer before this one, it was a new feel. Soft and creamy, it is smooth and covers up the dark circles after a stressful day. Its staying power is good for around like 6 hrs. Consistency is neither thick nor very thin. It comes in a transparent body with purple cap. Appearance is good and easy to carry.

Price: Rs.349/- (Reasonable)

My Rating: 3.5/5

My say: Easy to carry. A good rescue while going out after a hard day. 


Again a Nude Pink shade in the foundation, guess I am falling in love with Pink. Comes in a strong glass bottle, well, still its better to be safe then sorry. Keep it well while travelling after all its glass. But other than that it has a twist and press cap which avoids the accidental leakage and with a transparent cover on top. The transparent body is appealing. It applies easily, neither very thick nor thin. With concealer, works well. Again like other "The One" products it lasts for a long time. 

Price: Rs.799/- (Reasonable)

My Rating: 3.5/5

My Say: The SPF 20 and suitable for all skin are its strength. Still if you feel dry, apply with a little moisturizer.

I am sure you won't repent having these very reasonable, long lasting products. Great for the starters and travelers. Small and sweet and awesome fragrance is what you get.

Believe in you, for the beautiful you.