A Smart Travel Plan

Travel travel, my love for travel knows no bounds. I live for opportunities to knock and sometimes i create one, to get ready and rock on. So, in short I travel a lot. It not only involves happiness, solace, fun and craziness but also money, time, energy and some more luggage.

I started my year with a bang, traveled to Ellora caves and Shirdi and later visited Lucknow in January and another one to Goa (how can i ever forget this one) just 2 weeks back, which has left me with some little less money to hit another city.

I travel smart but for the next visit I needed to plan smarter to travel smart as its gonna be a li'l farther, the city Gaya. Gaya, a place in Bihar; famous for its temples and places around which are again famous for temples and Buddhist monasteries like Bodhgaya. Bodhgaya is the place where Gautam Buddha obtained Enlightenment and this trip will definitely be a dream come true. March end is gonna be the time to hit on this religious city. Paap saal ke shuruvat mein hi dho liye jayein toh hopefully saal achcha guzrega :P

A glimpse of how and what I planned to travel smart -

Its quite a distant place so I planned to travel by air and to save on money I did my booking in well advance and through SKYSCANNER. I booked via Delhi flight from Mumbai to Gaya which takes only 4 hrs 50 min and I am sure its gonna be a smooth ride.

The flight journey always comes with a scanner and of course I like to travel light so that I don't have to be worried about my luggage when I am on the go. And usually for the short trips I like to carry only a backpack. Well for this one too I am planning to carry one backpack but have included 2 folding bags in my luggage. They come very handy because on return journey I always have some more stuff, courtesy: shopping ;)
This trip is gonna be a 4 days trip and since winters will be long gone by then and as I will be leveraging on the hotel's laundry service, I am just gonna pack 2-3 light cotton tops, a capri and cap, my small travel kit which includes l'il cosmetic and some medicines, goggles, my ipod, tab, camera, charger, water bottle and a satchel bag which I will be carrying with me while roaming the city, giving rest to my backpack in the hotel. Guess I'll be carrying some empty space too in my bag but to utilize it later on my way back.

Although its not a trip abroad but still some documents would be necessary, and I have already kept in my I card, flight tickets, hotel booking and taxi details and my customized travel guide/plan & important phone numbers saved on my smartphone.

After reaching Gaya, I will be having my complimentary pick up ready, courtesy the Hotel I am going to stay in Gaya. They also have complimentary Breakfast for their guests, well I am impressed. I have already done advance booking for Gaya hotel through SKYSCANNER again, got a good budget hotel and in the heart of the city too. I didn't want to spend a lot on hotel since I just need it for a good night's sleep because the other time I will just be wandering around, clicking and picking some good stuff (shopping) :D


I have planned to travel around on a rented two wheeler, cheap and comfortable mode to savour every place and every moment in the city. Also, I will be saving lot of time and energy while exploring the place.

Breakfast is complimentary by the hotel I am gonna stay in. But on the go, I am planning to have food in local joints (hygienic and cheap) about which I have already researched on internet. Also I wanna have some local food, sink my teeth into some real delicacies of the city and will have sattu too.


Your people shall know where you are, so by utilizing the free apps like WHATSAPP and FACEBOOK, I will keep my only restricted group by my location update, afterall what are smartphones for.

I am sure I am gonna enjoy this trip like I always do in my every trip. It feels great to travel smart and fun. Total Satisfaction.

Well this is how my forthcoming trip is gonna be. Courtesy: SKYSCANNER and Me :D


P.S. This post is a part of Indiblogger Contest #TravelSmartWithSkyscanner by SKYSCANNER.