Bollywood and controversies go hand in hand. The news keeps popping up every day & night. Some are still rumours, as not yet solved. But we call them mysteries, as truth still unknown.

1. Divya Bharti – Death mystery of a beautiful actress

Who does not know the beautiful actress of 90’s, Divya Bharti. Divya Bharti started working at an early age, but had to face series of flops. Later moved to Southern film industry and could manage to bag many Bollywood movies too. She got married to producer Sajid Nadiawala in 1992, and by then her professional and personal life was on great heights. Soon after in 1993 her tragic death shocked everyone, when she fell from her apartment. It’s still unknown if it was an accident or murder. The case closed in 1998, but still no one knows the truth behind her tragic death.

2. Jessica’s kid and Aamir Khan

One day came in Aamir’s life, hitting not only him but rocked his fans too. People were shocked to hear the speculations made by the British Journalist Jessica Hines that Aamir Khan is the father of her son, Jaan Harry Hines, born in 2003. Aamir of course denied the rumours and later everything went cold. Mystery unsolved.

3. Mystery behind Geetanjali’s suicide

Navin Nischol, the popular actor of yesteryear. The gold medal winner from Pune’s FTII played some of his finest roles in 70’s super hit films like Victoria No.203, Dharma & Dhund. But later his films started bombing on box office and he could not manage to keep up with the genre of action flicks. Later he worked on small screen and got success too. But as known by many, he was not having a good married life. He was also accused of encouraging his wife Geetanjali’s suicide in 2007. He was later released of accusation, but rumours are rumours truth unknown. He did a comeback with the movie “Break ke Baad” in 2010 and later in March 2011 died of heart attack.

4. Parveen Babi and her secret life

Parveen, the famous face of golden era of film industry, had once rocked it with her great performances and good films, left it unalarmed. Returned later with speculations against Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt, but could never prove them. As said by many she also had an affair with Mahesh Bhatt, who had also made a film on Parveen’s life after her death named “Who Lamhe”. In her later years of life, she was not social with anyone and lived a lonely life. In 2005, she was found dead in her apartment. What exactly she had gone through in her final years, nobody knows and what was the truth behind the claims made by her is still a mystery.

5. Shahid – Kareena – Madly in Love, then why Break Up?

The most steady going couple of the film industry “Shahid – Kareena”, then suddenly what went wrong? Around the time of release of Jab We Met and the making of Tashan, the rumours of distance between Shahid – Kareena started cropping up with the rumours of the closeness between Shahid – Vidya and Kareena – Saif. Their relationship soured and they parted their ways, reasons still unclear.

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