Yatra Forever ..but its Kangerlussuaq this time

Dreaming is just half the fun; I say, Just Do It.

Pack your bags and head to the fun way, which I believe its not possible without loved ones' company. I hate travelling alone. What is fun when there is no one you can share your joy with.

I am a travel enthusiast and if given a chance will make my life full of holidays, travelling 365 days plus 1 if its a leap year. How i wish every February had 29 days. Have traveled quite many places in India, have almost covered around 15 states viz. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Hariyana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, West Bengal and last but not the least Delhi. No, i haven't covered chappa chappa of these states, but even if i have visited a city or two i consider it done. 

Well, I am greedy and Now..

I am ready to leave this place,
Forget about the place I know.
Pack up and disappear,
I am ready to Explore the Unknown.

Yatra to Greenland with my family will be like my dream come true. A chilly place to chillax will be Kangerlussuaq, which is on the west coast of Greenland. Kangerlussuaq is a former U.S. military base and serves as the international gateway for many travel getaways from Greenland. But I would like to explore this transportation hub for its beautiful landscapes, wildlife and last but not the least, to see the breathtaking Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights); a true epitome of adventure.

Mumbai to Kangerlussuaq - around 15 hours.. pfff!! long journey but place looks fun and spending a week would be great. Yatra.com is there for helping me kick start this journey, thus I am All smiles.

My Partners in Crime-

Mum, Dad and my li'l two dhamaka siblings - one sis, one bro.

Hop on, Hop off Kangerlussuaq-

1. Reach and check in Polar Lodge, near to airport and with the facility of cooking and dining. Relax for sometime, sipping the popular Greenlandic Coffee, while watching the scenic Greenland from out extra large windows facing ice covered mountains.

2. Change and head for the mountain view, to begin with "The Greenland Ice sheet" which is a spectacular sight to behold. But how to go? Well a SUV will do to house 5 of us, with light music on inside and a heater on when required. Winters can be unbearable sometimes, for which we will carry some cool and trendy warm clothes and boots to protect feet.

Back to spot "The Greenland Ice sheet", so near to ice and we will definitely go to see the lakes edging the ice with small icebergs floating in them like ducks. Ice breeze can be a risky affair so we will do full taiyari and then go. We will spend a day here by hiking and by taking a snowmobile trip across the Icecap.

3. Next day again will be some hiking but with a twist. As it will be through the tundra around this mesmerizing town, observing its wildlife with wildies like musk ox, arctic hare, caribou; the wild beings which we don't find in India. God's creativity is great.

4. Third day will be to chill out, while mum, me and sis will head for shopping; my dad accompanied by bro will try there hand on golfing. Golfing on the northernmost golf course in the world minus grass. There is no big shopping spot in here but we will sure buy some souvenirs. Then will spend the afternoon at some local restaurant to try on some Greenlandic Cuisine but veg, as we are vegetarians. Hope to find veg, as they say "where there is will, there is a way".

5. Day 4 will go for Dog Sledding and some fishing in the afternoon but night will be booked to watch Northern Lights, my most cherished dream. Kangerlussuaq is the place which is known for strong auroral activity. And I would definitely watch it and capture in my lens.

6. Day 5 will be for visiting Kangerlussuaq Museum for getting acquainted with the place's history followed by visiting Kellyville in the eve, a Radar Facility permanently manned by a small crew and visiting researchers, investigating various atmospheric phenomena including Aurora Borealis.

7. On final day will do some Musk Ox Safari and then bidding good bye to this quite interesting place will head back to Mumbai.

The beauty of nature and the creativity of God is to behold in eyes. And if given a chance I'll do all as mentioned above. Reason behind choosing this place is its peaceful surrounding. And coz Its different.

And A joyful Experience comes when you are with your family. 

Hope shall never die, Fun will then be never ending.


P.S. This post is a part of the "Creating Happy Travellers!!" contest hosted by indiblogger and yatra


  1. well the choice u make is really mouth-watering....the northern lights.. just wow. Along with antarctica, it is a place which everybody wants to go to But the travails of the journey and the reasonable inaccessibility have ensured that only some fortunate few can make that voyage...hope you do :)

  2. Very interesting and informative article. Thank you.


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