Fragrances is the Spice of Memory

Yesterday I was sitting by my room’s large size window, sipping my favorite brew coffee garnished with chocolate powder, watching sky pouring down and smelling wet earth; the best ever thing I get to do during rainy season.

Mausam mastana,
haath mein ek pyala aur
haseen nazara..

The blow of gentle wind and the noise of water droplets rushing towards the mother earth, watching and feeling all this made me feel rejuvenated after a stressful past week. But what really made my day like sone pe suhaga was the smell of hot vada pav and the coconut chutney with curry leaves ka tadka, right from my mother’s kitchen.

Ohh!! The divine smell of my all time favorite snack. It just reminded me of the day when I had first come to Mumbai. It is truly a life savor when your tummy screaming high. You’ll find it at every street and corner of Aamchi Mumbai. It also reminds me of my special friends with whom I have had vada pav many a times be it our road trips or the small hut right outside my college, where we used to go every eve after college.. and now I’m feeling really nostalgic. Really miss college and my buddies. Woh bhi kya din the…

Some fragrances really take you back in time and remind you of beautiful people you came across at each path of life.

The smell of roses in my rose plant stationed in my home terrace, reminds me of the rose day at college when we all friends used to give each other roses and later count them to find out who got the maximum and who gave whom, that used to be fun. I also have, now dried, 2-3 roses from back then, pressed in the pages of my treasured diary.

The smell of freshly washed clothes with the smell of detergent reminds me of my first time clothes washing experience when I went to live in hostel during my college, a home away from home.

The morning chant and the smell of ghee filled wick which my mother lights while praying and also the incense stick that reminds of my summer vacations I spent as kid at my grandparents’ place, when I always woke upto these smells in the morning.  Those were the days I wanna go back to. I really miss my grandmother who was fun, young at heart and at the same time the best teacher.

And last but not the least my favorite smell is the smell of my mother. Every now and then, I get a chance and I just go and hug my mother, her smell does wonder to me, it’s divine. It’s makes me feel home and alive.

Fragrances and thoughts go hand in hand. Every particle, every bit has a kind of smell one can connect to. I do.
Whether its coffee, food, fresh breeze, rain, wet earth or my mother, every smell plays an important role in my life, brings back good old, nostalgic memories, tinkles bells and peps me up.

Days go by,
Path changes every while.
Remains with us are only the memories,
Kabhi khatti, kabhi meethi!!

This post is written for Indiblogger's Smelly to Smiley Blog-contest for Ambi Pur.