How to be fashionable while working out

Style, fashion, being trendy… these have become the penchant in everyone’s life these days. Fashion once upon a time was only restricted to parties and with people of high status. Gone are those days and now, it knows no bounds; be it parties, everyday office wear and moreover when you are working out. In our highly populous country with a high percentage of youngsters, the fitness is in everyone’s heart and soul. Fitness has become the mantra of life and why not “jahan swasthya wahin pragati”and when you can do it fashionably then you can’t ask for anything more.

The monotonous track pants and T's are old stories now. You don't have to sweat out thinking about the same boring outfit everyday before really sweating out. Now, you have options for every kind of workout. Be it running, swimming, cycling or any kind of sport you play. From the clothes to shoes, from bags to accessories; everything is available and in variety.

Wearing cool and colorful outfits during your workout will not only make you feel rejuvenated and fresh but smart and trendy too, all at the same time. This will also encourage you to go and hit the gym or do any other fitness activity of your choice.

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In short following are the criteria / points to be considered while choosing your outfit for the workout session without discounting on fashion:
  • Comfort - Cotton or any other soft fabric.
  • Perspiration - Cloth that dry fast. Look for Polyester / Lycra blend or another synthetic material.
  • Perfect Fit - This will definitely make you feel up all the time, which doesn't trap you in, a comfort fit but not skin tight. 
  • Hot yet cool - The one which not only defines your personality, the diva in you, but also keeps you cool all the time.
  • Activity appropriate - Clothes to be bought, which are appropriate for that activity. Not too baggy, not very tight.
Explore yourself before any purchase. Explore yourself before hitting a regime.
Remember, a healthy life = wealthy life. Make exercising your habit. As important is exercising, as it is to wear the right kinda outfit for it. Which can not only make you feel dry and cool but also make you feel special and peppy all the time. Thus, find the right clothe that not only flatter your figure but also encourages you to be in shape always.

Be fashionable while working out... 
Have a happy sweating session.....!!