Bon Voyage to Florean Fortescue's Icecream Parlour

Companions - Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter
Destination - Hogwarts to Florean Fortescue's Icecream Parlour

The summer holidays have started. With me as a new member of the Harry-Hermione-Ron squad, very much accepted being a adventure lover and muggle born, and a recent joinee at Hogwarts as 1st year's; the squad planned to take me to Florean Fortescue's Icecream Parlour to celebrate my 1st semester results and our new friendship. And even though they are my seniors, they are more of buddies with me; except one ragging incidence by Ron of course, Ron, my favorite of the lot, boy like, mischievous and carefree attitude. Hermione is my roommate cum confidante and best gal pal. 

Okay, so we packed bags and started our journey early in the morning, as we planned to go exploring a few places on our way to the Icecream parlour, where we planned to reach only in the night, followed by night trail at the Forbidden Forest (which is not forbidden anymore, since Voldemort and the dark age has lost to the goodness). and later camping.
We packed snacks like my favorite 2 min maggi, biscuits, wafers, juices, some wizardry chocolates and much more, thanks to Ron's never ending appetite.

We started from the Hogwarts first to the Burrows (Weasley's mansion) via train route, literally sitting on the Hogwarts Express (our car also parked on it, resting), listening to the story of Ron-Harry's flight to Hogwarts in Ford Angila at the start of their 2nd year. One hilarious story that is, Hermione and I couldn't stop laughing at Ron who was still making faces outta fear of getting hit by the train, back then.

After getting down at the station, we hit the country road, singing, chattering and snacking on our way to the Burrows. On our arrival we found that hot and delicious breakfast was ready and waiting for us, straight from Mrs. Weasley's kitchen. The house was surrounded by a huge field and a lake, I just loved it, so cosy and full of warmth of Mrs Weasley's love. Needless to mention full of magic, one place the dishes were doing itself and the other place two needle knitting a sweater for me, the one like Ron, Hermione and Harry had by Mrs Weasley. It was a great experience being at Ron's house. After spending sometime there and touring the fields we headed to the Godric's Hollow, Harry's hometown, the place where his parents reside until their demise. We kept chit chatting with the 3 sharing their stories of the Horcrux hunt and the Second Wizarding War. Their inspirational stories have made me respect them even more for their courage and love for fellow beings. We reached the Godric's Hollow by 1 pm and first went to pay homage at Harry's parents grave and then to a local restaurant for our lunch. The food was great all ordered by Ron.

Later, we headed for Diagon Alley at around 3 pm, the high street located in London. On reaching, we parked our Ford Angila outside and entered the Leaky Cauldron, the famous Wizarding pub and first place on the way to access Diagon Alley. We were l'il tired so thought to relax there. We ordered our Butterbeer, sang songs, danced on the beats of Just Beat It, in short had a great time. Harry also helped me getting familiar with the place. After finishing our drinks and l'il masti we headed to the rear courtyard and Harry tapped the bricks in the wall in a certain pattern and I watched that sight with curiosity. The tapping of 5 bricks around the hole in the wall opened the doorway to Diagon Alley.

Diagon Alley wasn't so crowded, thanks to summer holidays. We first went to the pet shop, as I was in real need of a Chipmunk. We bought my 1st and to my surprise a singing Chipmunk. Later, we went to visit Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, a joke shop founded by Ron's twin brothers Fred and George; which sells practical joke objects, viz. Extendable Ears, Love Potions, Pygmy Puffs, etc. But the thing which caught my eyes was Aviatomobilea car toy depicting our real Ford Angila (brain child of Ron's dad). I bought it as a remembrance of this cool trip. I also bought Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs for Diwali celebrations, the festival added newly by the Indian Association to the Hogwarts list of celebrations. Needless to mention, I did enjoy my time with Weasley twins, they are super fun and friendly.

Harry, Ron and Hermione then took me around and showed me a few more places, sharing their memories. Our drive later headed to a l'il, cosy restaurant which was waiting for us to serve our hunger and finally to Florean Fortescue's Icecream Parlour, where I filled myself with the special multilayer Chocolate Sundae with lotsa nuts and choc chips and they also had their favourite icecreams. After our sweet and cold savoury, we headed to the night trail in the Forbidden Forest, but this time full of life, deer dancing, unicorns flying and colorful birds singing.

It is my most favourite and memorable wizardry road trip.

Always remember.. <Where there is Love, there is magic called friendship and a joy ride "Life">  .................Adios !!!

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