Hum aur Tum -- forever and ever

A beautiful eve by Indiblogger. What a meet it was.. my first of course but loved it. A peek in my experience for you to experience, read on guys...

First thing first, I started writing around two years back and got introduced to Indiblogger last year by my sis who is also a blogger. And I am privileged to be a part of it, a great platform for bloggers to not only share their views, creativity and artistic side but also has the history of organizing the most happening and fun filled meets, which help us connect with other bloggers and share knowledge, experience and on top of everything fun.

This time they had organized the meet at The Leela, brought Zee TV there and had conducted the promotion of ZeeTV Connected - HumTum. We were around 190 bloggers at the meet, a great blend of people, all in get set go position to enjoy the event. Nonetheless, the host Anoop Johnson made the event more eventful. 

The event started with our registration. Then we played some random games, question - answer session, salt & pepper and yes for all this, we bloggers got a lot of goodies.  It was fun, chatting, listening and playing and eating of course, starters were lip smacking.

We were later asked to find the six courageous women amongst crowd, who are the participants of this brand new program ZeeTV Connected - HumTum. Also, we were challenged to get clicked with all of them and take away some great prizes. And mann, all started the search mission with great enthu', there were laughter, shouts, joy and excitement and the place became nothing less than Dadar station :P 

The women in spotlight then gathered on the center stage along came the director of ZeeTV Connected - HumTum Paromita Vohra (a debut project for herself) and introduced us first to the program and then called upon the participants, who then introduced themselves and talked about the show and their experiences. The participants of the series are Pallavi Burman (aBrand Manager-Diesel, fashionista and a shopaholic), Mahima Chaudhury (no not the Pardes gal, but an aspiring actress from Meerut - well i really wish her best), Preeti Kochar (A belly dance instructor by passion and a dentist by profession), Madhavi Mauskar (corporate trainer and a language expert), Sonal Gyani (who lives in mumbai with her twin sis) and the sixth lady, none other then Malishkaaaaa (mumbai ki jaan, top RJ, the one who knows how to bajaofy).

Well ‘Connected’, is a 13-week TV series which showcases an opportunity for the world to see life stories of the above mentioned six courageous Indian women of different ages and at different stages in their lives.  Yes a brand new program on "...Understanding Women Like Never Before", with sutradhaar none other then Abhay Deol's, his debut on television as the host of this path-breaking show. We were then showed an AV of the program, telling us what it is all about. The CEO of Zee TV also came to talk about the program and that how Connected Hum Tum’ is an attempt to demystify women and thereby understand relationships better. 

This followed by a question answer session between the audience aka Indibloggers' and the team of "HumTum". It was commendable to see the ladies and the director answer each and every question, commendable is their courage to hold camera and shoot their real self, showcase their life on Indian Television, really hats off to them. All said and done, tweeting continuously was also the part of the event. I must say people are really creative, when it comes to indibloggers'; the questions, the tweets, everything was great.

Hey heyy heyyy!! How can i forget The Hurr  session, all standing up, screaming and do some halla bol kind of thing. Can say, it was a nice way to connect and spread a lot of laughter. The charge of the hall was real high, electric and magnetic.
We all then gathered on front stage, and had a lot of group snapping with the 'Connected' team. A perfect yahoo moment.

And who says No to Gifts? We got some cool Indiblogger T's and an artistic web cam. This followed by lot of interaction over lazeez khaana, and delicious desserts, well Baked Alaska became my favorite of that eve. The whole karyakram went from 19:00 hrs and to around 23:00 hrs and it was worth it. I bid my good bye to the indibloggers', before heading back home.

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Hope you enjoyed reading!!