Not here, Not there

Experimenting with different hair styles, looks etc. comes handy but best with long hairs.. and i sport long hairs. But irony is I hardly get time to sport different look.

My usual is a ponytail - the sporty look i love to sport wherever i go.. travel, work, coffee etc :) and i prefer to leave my hairs down, when i go for functions and parties and also the day i wash my hairs :P. But even the simple hairdos like these sometimes leave me baffled, as they just cant stay at one place... go either here or there, i don't want this, i want them in right place.

Yeah!! They are frizzy, but now i have got how to deal with them. When i was a kid, my mum used to give me different looks and i still remember those days when she used to put those colorful beads and clips, hairs were naturally soft and straight back then... thanks to kiddy age when almost every kid have straight hairs.. and also to my mum's efforts to keep my hairs healthy and wealthy :P

Time passed, i moved to college and then job, hardly any time. Once when i had gone to Jawed Habib's hair studio for a hair cut, i told my problem to the stylist and she then suggested me "Sunsilk leave in conditioner" - an anti-frizz product. I overcame the frizzy problem and got my "not going here and there" hairs back.

But to fight the battle of getting the natural softness and straight hairs i relied on home solution too from nani maa ka khazana, and i would like to share the same with you. Dearies, have a look.

  1. You need a few leaves of Aloe Vera, number directly proportional to your hair thickness.
  2. The secret lies in its jelly, take it out, blend it and strain it to avoid white sediments getting stuck to your hairs.
  3. Now shampoo your oiled hairs.
  4. After shampoo apply the strained jelly to your hairs from root to tip and leave so for around 15 - 20 min.
  5. After 20 min. rinse your hairs thoroughly. You will get very soft - straight hairs as a result. 
  6. After this home treatment, i would suggest you apply sunsilk anti frizz leave in conditioner for keeping the straightness in place.
Points to Note - 
Aloe Vera apart from above mentioned benefit also has the following but not limited to plus points for your hairs - 
  1. Aloe Vera cleanses (reduces dandruff) and conditions the scalp
  2. It balances the pH levels
  3. Reduces oiliness, moisturizes and repairs the damaged hairs
  4. It also stimulates the hair growth

Try this very economic and healthy way for a perfect recipe of "Perfect Straight Hair".
All the best!!!!!!! :)

Just to add, my favorite artist whom i love both in wavy/frizzy and the silky straight hair is Emma Watson. Check yourself and get inspired:

This post is an entry for "the Straight Hair Contest".

Enjoy the priceless gift of God.. Hairs.....!! Love them and flaunt them in the right way.. and travel Break free..... :)



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