No Mercy

Just changing your profile picture to a black dot won't do;
Just putting some status, showing the girl some sympathy won't do;

Just crying hard in parliament for a day or two, mourning over the issue won't do;

Just suggesting time and time again the do's and don'ts for the girls won't do;

Stop teaching girls, daughters and sisters; teach son's instead. Teach them to behave; tell them what is right and what is wrong, honesty, principles, values; teach them respect and how to stand for right, teach them life. Better be pro-active then only just reactive.

Basic education starts at home. Respect each other in family and specially girls of the family. 

Stop taking girls for granted. For god sake they are not the public property. They are independent, modern and strong gender. Accept it!!

Government is harsh when it comes to aam janta for taxes and so called mehangayi. But not when it comes to sinners, corrupts, murderers and rapists. The crime is proved, criminals are found, just do it, punish them. Show some humanity to the victim and not to the sinner. 

One news is out, but still chain of such disastrous news is making roll and taking toll. 
Coz' they are paralyzed brains and sick mind. Do not raise them, cut them at the grass root level. 

P.S. We demand not only the Capital Punishment but something more severe, torturous to such abusive creatures. They shall not be allowed to die just like that; causing them pain is the solution.

Punish them in public. Humiliate. They should know what is pain, what it means to cause pain, the agony. 
Fight for the cause not just in the discussion rooms but out, this time please be for the mango people.

Coz' change starts from self!!