jee lo jee bhar ke

Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday... Aye Duniya walon, nahi hone wali ye duniya khatam, Australia mein already it is past One..

Why do you fear, when I am here.. take a chill pill and before the news on the next doomsday rings the bell, just gear up to think about places you would like to visit and have some fearless fun.

Sabse pehli baat kal hai Friday, bole to Casual Day.. so take it casually yaar. Dress up in some cool clothes, take a pen and start to jote down your favorite places <India first> to visit before the next doomsday and also where to be on the "to be doomsday".

Kya hua.. tensed ho, samajh nahi aa raha.. coz of the doomsday shor, then why not start with a place full of hulla gulla and more shor...
Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan.. shor sharaba, dhakka mukka, train mein jhagde itne ki doomsday kya even if you remember your name it is a big deal.. Kidding!!!

Why not start with................ 
  1. The crown.. PARADISE -- Leh Laddakh - Go Biking
  2. Snowman making -- Manali - which other place is better to enjoy snow and the beautiful blend of hinduism and buddhism in the culture and even in the air.. try in winters
  3. Patriotism -- Wagah Border - 1730 hrs, best to watch Indo-Pak gates open and soldiers shaking hands and audience dancing on patriotic numbers
  4. FOODIE -- Lucknow - khao, nosh farmao - Cuisine d'Best
  5. Education -- Nalanda - Visit our oldest and first university
  6. Joy ride -- Kolkata - Don't forget to have Mishti Dohi on Hawra and the Rashogulla
  7. Adventure -- Sikkim - White water rafting is quite a thing to try
  8. Sunrise -- Arunachal Pradesh - the unexplored, beautiful, land of the dawn-lit mountains, go watch the sunrise
  9. Where the sea disappears -- Chandipur Beach, Orissa and not to forget the very famous temples, blend of beautiful architecture and history
  10. PURITY -- Kanyakumari - so virgin, so pure where three sea meets, the Sangam.. southernmost point of Bharat, do visit
  11. India's own Niagra Fall -- Athirappilly - do i need to say more?
  12. Go Goa -- its not just called Sushegad.. well the motto is khao peeyo mast raho... Calmness in every bit, beautiful beaches, no crowd, no dirt
  13. Thoda upar, aur ye lo aa gayi -- Aamchi Mumbai - fast local, slow local, high rise buildings, bollywood... & temples and ghats hain Maharashtra ki shaan
  14. Colorful -- Gujarat - Rajasthan - foods to temples, people to language everything so diverse yet so beautiful
  15. Incredible Centre -- Madhya Pradesh - Tiger reserves and forts, which you just can't skip
  16. Finally on doomsday -- go to a Jungle, find a Lion.. challenge it for a fight... deal for its cave, win the fight, take over the cave, hide inside and save yourself on the doomsday :P
Jao Jao ghoom ke aao, doomsday k naam per khud ko mat pakao..
Darr darr k mat jeeyo, do the dew peeyo...

See you again on next doomsday cry.. isi jagah, isi waqt..bus hoga saal farq!!

tatas............ :)

P.S. Dedicated to zindadils and not so zindadils.. and the 21-12-12 fiasco-flop show.