Those 24 Hours...

28th Feb '12 - 29th Feb '12

After a brief sleep of 3 hrs from past 2 consecutive days, got up at 0300 in the morning to get set go for Pune, accompanying my sista Megha for her SIMC PG interview.
Started at 0415 from home to station Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (popularly known as VT -- Victoria Terminus). 
We reached at around 0600 and the train was already there, but with no one inside.

We bought our hot cuppa coffee & biscuits and boarded the train (Intercity Express). It left with a honk, then chuk chuk chuk at the very right time @0645 :)

It was cool inside (AC Chair Car), seats... umm!! comfortable but i hated the tinted glass, could not see the real colour of the outside world :P

Had snacks in between & clicked lotza snaps :) 

Well the first time journey by train to Pune was good & comfortable and fun too with me on window seat, witnessing Beautiful landscape & listening to some Cool muzzic :) ..thanks to my sistaz sleeping in between :P

Reached Pune at around 1000, left for friend's place to drop our luggage and then headed towards Symbiosis Vishwabhavan in auto ki sawari.. Gosh!! so much traffic and POLLUTION, I was actually breathing in CO and solid pollutants (thank god! god created nose) ...still i was zinda :P 
I must say in comparison to Pune, with regards to direct inhalation of pollutants, Mumbai is nothing. No doubt I could see militants all around (read mango people with scarf and cool goggles -- two must accessories when you step out of house) :D

Reached Symbiosis Vishwabhavan well before time, so had nothing much to do except waiting for the SIMC bus which to our amazement arrived soon. We took our seats.. yippi!! me at window seat again. Witnessed nice landscape on the way to SIMC, a beautiful campus on hill at Lavale.

Well.. now i really got something to kill time at the campus :)

Made calls to mumma in between (keeping her updated was part of the trip) :D

After reaching, sis did her registration and proceeded for the tests and interview with other students (..from different parts of the country) and I headed on with my favourite past time "Photography".

Perspective matters a lot

Picturesque area.. Wow!! is it even really a college?

Well sometimes Beauty can not be defined in words, so few pichas for you (scattered here & there :))

In between had lunch and then got back to my work of exploring the campus and clikkingg some more pichas :)  

Hufff!! Now I' m really tired, its 1800 hrs and my sis with her batch was still waiting for her turn for the final interview, after the initial set of tests. 

I finally sat down and chit chatted with a few students, felt l'il nostalgic, remembering my good old days at my college... wo bhi kya din the!!

Yooo oo o!! so finally the interview got over, now some more time to kill till the bus comes for our journey back to city Pune. 

Had some more time in hand, thought "why not click some pichas of mother nature @ dusk" :)

Later spoke to few friends, whom i had planned to meet did some jugglery on my remaining hours at Pune on how to make my plan of meeting my friends a success :)

Back to city in straight 40 minutes by bus ..met my dear friend Kopal after 2 lonnn..nng years, who waited for around 2 hours to make our meeting possible :P ..later she dropped me & sis at my friend's place and left for her home :) 

We had a lovely dinner with my childhood friend Nidhi and her sis Neha.. and after a brief chit chatting went to meet my college buddy Sujay, after 5 long years, went to Bashos @ Koregaon Park, nice place with good ambiance, quite a famous restaurant among youngsters (do visit)... followed by car drive with my friend.. could not imagine Pune, pollution and traffic free; it was a nice, hurdle - free a 15 km to and fro Pune darshan :P

Wanna roam in of Pune city? Well night is the best time, cool breeze, no honking behind your vehicle and CO-free breathing ..truly Peaceful :) ..and the city really looks beautiful under the dark sky.

Post drive i reached back home with a definite plan to sleep after a hectic yet happening day, but went to the normal biz of gossiping with my friend Nidhi.. which continued for long and finally we went to sleep @0330 in the morning after deciding the same 5 times during our gossip session :P

thru' tinted glass
After a brief sleep, got up @0600 to catch the train back to Mumbai @0750 hrs.

Had breakfast and then left for our journey back home.

Those 24 hours are really memorable.. coz of the people, place and the things I did.

Thanks to all for making my shortest trip till date a memorable one :)

For more pictures click here: those 24 hours -- thru' my eyes.

How far: Around 191 km from Mumbai.
How to Reach: Bus or Train, there are many and both are comfortable. Though one should avoid road journey during peak hours, it's troublesome.

TIME is the essence of life.  Fomme it is FUN, LOVE, JOY & LIVELINESS. Either you make the best of an OPPORTUNITY or loose it Lazing around.

"Live in the moment and for the moment to cherish them forever with sparkle in ya' eyes."


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