Summer!! Where to go & How to Blow?

Summer has just begun and with a bang. Temperature rising every moment. Who likes this sultry season? ..some love, some hate; reasons anek..
But the irony is you get maximum holidays in this scorch'y - itch'y season fondly called as summer vacation.
Your wanderlust wants you to pack your bags.. then what are you waiting for, pack them & go travail

But Where?? hmm... that's a million dollar question!!
How about spending hot ;) day on that Beach in your favorite shorts... ;) sounds cool!? :P

The sun above your head, sand below your feet & water water everywhere

Going to a beach during summers has its set of pros & cons. Walk along the long stretch on soft sand with a mix of pebbles & cobble soothes you, splashing water calms you. And for adventure lovers there is water sport. All at one place.
But one need to be well versed with few but important things before planning to chill out at a beach. Wo kehte hain na.. "experience says it all", well my stay of 5 years in one of the world's most desired travel destination and India's own Tourist Paradise, GOA, which is famous for it's beautiful & sparkling beaches with magnificent scenic beauty, mesmerizing attractions & breathtaking nature, has urged me to scribble down on the musts of a beach vacation.

Choosing the Right Beach - an important aspect to have a chilling & relaxing vacation

  • Safety tops the chart - look out for moderate crowd, away from city but accessible one
  • Clean beach with clear water & soft sand
  • Colour of water & sand, the right ambiance & the beauty to watch
  • Provision for exciting activities, cruises & water sports
  • Munching & Sipping facilities
  • Stay check
Time to Pack your Bags - Must haves in your bag, always keep a check-list ready
  • Cool shades
  • Scarves & Hat
  • Colorful Umbrella
  • Flip-flops or Sandals 
  • Music & a book - in case!!
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen & Moisturizer
  • Washing Gel
  • Beach attire
  • Accessories (gals would love to use them but avoid metal & pearls) 
  • Lotza drinking water & munching snacks
  • Charged phones
  • Camera - sure, you don' wanna miss on the beauty
  • Mat
  • Few Games - Volleyball, Frisbee, Football, Cards
  • Bags - Dry Bag, Beach Bag, Zip-lock Bag
What to wear - feel good & comfortable - motto of any memorable vacation. Clicking pictures is part of any trip, so you need to look best, to cherish your pictures forever.
  • Shorts & T's 
  • Beach Frock, Sarong (exclusively for gals of course)
  • Capri
  • Swim suit
  • Colors to wear - white or other pastel tops with denim or classic khaki bottoms, blue, green, lemon are few favorite colors to name

What to do - fun things you can do on a Beach and you must do.
  • Early morning / Late Evening walk along the beach stretch witnessing beautiful sunrise / sunset and listening to the sound of waves is the real treat. 
  • Watching moon & twinkling stars on a late night walk along the beach stretch is soothing too or late night Bonfire party (if allowed)
  • Play your favourite sport like volleyball, football, frisbee and if you are adventurous type, then go for water sports like surfing, kayaking, jet ski racing, scuba diving.
  • Look for seashells  
  • Write messages in the sand 
  • Build sandcastle
  • Check out for water animals like crabs, jelly fish, dolphin etc 
  • Read magazine & day dream (favourite activity for many ;)
  • Take sunbath :P
  • Have your favourite beach-side snack from the regular thelewala like colourful-flavoured golas, nariyal pani, bhutta, chaat, bhel.
  • Do Photography - beautiful nazara to capture & the memories to take back home 
  • Have fun but don't forget to keep beach clean. Don't litter.
  • Relax

After your fun-filled vacation at the beach, which now you know is not only restricted to swimming and sun-tan; its time to pack up. I know, i know it's not easy :P ..don't worry we will go to some other place next time & hopefully soon :)

Remember, for your way back home, check for all your belongings before leaving.

I wish you a good & safe beach vacation, away from your monotonous life. Enjoy the scenic travel destination. Have Fun!!!

Ciao :)

P.S. You can check for some of the famous and some not so famous yet beautiful beaches in  one of my forthcoming posts... till then tata..a..a.aa..sss!!