The Journey has just begun...

Travel… It’s not just a six letter word, but the whole world to me!!

Hearing, talking or mere visualizing this word only gives me goose bumps. It makes me feel, I' m on Top of the World.. Really?? yeah!! m feeling so energetic :)

The charm of Travelling & Exploring places is growing in me day by day, moment by moment. Going new places, meeting people and blending in new & vivid culture is the real fun. It gives me Peace, Fulfillment, Love, Life and nurtures my Soul.

For me travelling started very early in childhood with parents, then as I grew up with friends too, my second family :)  ...going different places, exploring bit by bit, capturing in & around and beautiful nature in my clicks calling it "MeAndMySuitcase".

I would be sharing my experiences, joy & sense of Life through my forthcoming posts, all for you... hope you' ll enjoy them and convey ur' views...

Like it? Comment on it.. Share it :)

                                            ... as simple and easy as it sounds :P

Thru' heart .............keep in touch :D

                                     ...coz distance 'is' no bar :)


  1. Good Work!
    Looking forward to your Travel-icious posts!! :)

  2. :) All the Best. And looking forward for the future posts :)

    1. thanks ash :) ...hope to live upto my expectations :P

  3. nice one ji....hope u have a wonderful and o-sum journey...filled wit adventures and fun... waiting to read all abt it... :)


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