What's in your travel kit?

I dig travel but it comes along with its pros and cons. While it gives me confidence, a sense of power and joy, containment and love; it also gives me a tired body & mind after long travel escapades

In this fast paced life, nothing seems to stop us and with that thought I figured why not share my travel kit with you. The kit which manages to make me less worried, helps me rejuvenate after a tiring travel escapade and makes for the best company.

We all have a list of must carry in our travel kit and I have a lengthy one. A good book, music, camera and a scribbling travel note makes my journey a lovely one. Over use of the gadgets makes me carry a power bank and since I don't like sun, a goggle keeps my eyes cool. 

But what pampers me the best during my trips are these personal care products which I have fallen for deeply.

Travel essentials

Sense of Smell

A good perfume never let my mood sour and it is indeed a great "feel good" part of any day. It manages to bring out my personality in right way and keeps in good spirits. I love collecting perfumes and I think they make for a great souvenir as well. 

In picture: Eclat Mademoiselle Eau de toilette by Oriflame. It is delicate, exotic and classy. With the elements like white hibiscus, fruity expressions and subtle watery notes; it amplifies in to a romantic sophistication. This 50 ml bottle is easy to carry for its size, shape and fragrance of course.

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No harsh Sun on Skin

A moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and a good sunblock to keep skin unaffected by sun's harshness are two must haves. The sun block shall be applied when you are out in sun whether it is sunny or cloudy because sun is always there even when it's not shiningand thus can be very harmful for your skin. 

In picture: Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+. It is soft, light, smooth and smells calming. I used it for the first time when I visited the hot country Jordan and since then I am its fan. This thin tube fits easily in my kit and helps a great deal. This is one sun block which has suited me well and find its way in, each summer.

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Hydrate Skin on the Go

You can't just always keep applying the moisturizer because when you travel in sun, sand and the pollution, the pollutants stick on your face and make your life worse. You need a hydrant, toner and a re-generator; all in one. 

In Picture: Love Nature Rose Water by Oriflame. It is cool on face, smells subtle yet heavenly and more than anything it is nourishing water in a small plastic bottle with spray mechanism. With Wild Rose as its main ingredient, this product is a great company during my travels. Just spray it on your face with eyes closed, then wipe with cotton to get rid of all the dirt and get ready to feel awesome. Apply moisturizer later if you like.

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Green and Clean

When you return home after a rough day, your skin often feel sticky, especially when you live in a place like Mumbai; humid and hot. You need a mantra to get rid of all the dirt, and a good face wash comes handy on such days.

In Picture: Love Nature Face Wash. This neem based face wash protects combination skin. Massage on to wet face gently and let its anti-bacterial properties do the work. It helps reducing blemishes and balances T-zone. This 50ml bottle is a part of my travel kit to keep skin soft and happy.

What you see

In the age of mobile and computers; it is difficult to lead a day without them. However with technology, we are bound to get tired when eyes tend to get more affected. The dark bags under eyes are a visible proof caused due to stress and lack of hydration. The skin under eyes is thin and needs more care.

In Picture: Optimals Hydra Seeing is Believing Eye Cream. It is a hydrating eye cream which helps lighten the skin under eyes and reduces puffiness and appearance of dark circles. To be used on cleansed skin, I think this recently added product in my travel kit will help me a great deal.

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Colour of Lips

I am a no make up girl but I love my lipsticks. It is my armour, lifts my mood and takes away all the attention from my dark circles. My favorite shades have been Oriflame's Red Seduction (The One range) & True Red (Giordani Gold collection) and it is the former which I immediately loved from day one of its use, basically the reason I started wearing lipstick and learnt how to apply one. 

In Picture: Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick SPF 15 - True Red. Luxurious satin finish is its USP. Also, it has a creamy and rich colour which only enhances the beauty which is lips. SPF 15 saves lips from harsh sun and fights premature ageing. Shine and colour are perfect.

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What you saw are my favorite six pampering elements from my travel kit. Apart from that you will always find my Sun glasses, Bose headphones, i-Pod, Canon DSLR camera, Sony portable charger and Nexus 5x phone on every travel with me. 

So, what's in your travel kit? How do you pamper yourself on the go? Do share in the comments section.

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  1. That’s nice short and crisp guide...nicely presented the products and the way they are to be used.

  2. I always carry a deodorant and nice smelling perfume and of course sunscreen when traveling. Something can't be compromised upon.

  3. The list is quite useful. For me, its my deodorant, sunscreen, moisturiser & lip balm, a few medicines and a fevikwik.

    1. Oh yeah! Fevikwik comes really handy :)

  4. Woow such a useful post for travel kit. I generally prefer to carry lip balm, perfume, sunglass and eye pencil. ☺


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