Chandika Devi Temple: Naigaon

It is in human nature to seek happiness outside and not within. Similarly we travel faraway to escape daily chaos but often forget to explore our own backyard. 

I am living in Mumbai from past 10 years and whenever I come to decide that I have seen it all, I come across people telling me about a place which I did not even know ever existed.

One fine evening my friend asked me if I have been to Chandika Devi temple in Naigaon? I wasn't aware about this temple. I was in fact surprised to know that it is a very old temple with deity sitting on top of the hill and as believed by many, the temple is in existence since Dwapar Yuga, the time of Pandavas and Kauravas. I had to go and visit.

The next morning we started pretty early morning and took a train to Virar (Western line). We got down at Naigaon station. It is a small station and one has to walk a little to get a public transport. The way to roadway is taken by many hawkers who sit on both sides of the boulevard selling colorful plastic toys, items of worship, flowers and garlands, local food, etc. 

How to Reach

Getting an auto to Chandika devi is easy, people mostly come to Naigaon to pay a visit to Chandika devi and as I was told, the area becomes very crowded during festivals and even host mela "fair". After crossing the narrow boulevard on Naigaon East side, you will find shared autos to the temple. They accommodate 6 to 7 person per auto at Rs.10 each. The way to temple is little dusty, you will get a feeling that you have escaped from the city, Mumbai. It has an aura of village, so much land all around mostly farms, mud and small concrete houses, kids running around after school hours. 

After a tumultuous ride of 20 min, we reached the base of the temple.


The building on top is a new construction which has been done with the help of donations cum trust money.

It is 300 steps to top and believe me, the view from top is amazingly beautiful. I loved every moment I spent there. 

It was karma that Goddess called me to her durbar. The figure of Chandika devi and other deities were so captivating. It is a beautiful setting and so cool up there that you can spend hours sitting on its steps. 

Want to escape from daily chaos of Mumbai, need some peace and not the usual sightseeing, you must visit this temple. 


  1. Interesting place, I did not know this place even staying in Mumbai for last 40 years! ty for sharing!

    1. You are welcome Bob. Have a great trip!


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