Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kadmon ke nishan

कदमों  के  निशाँ  हम  छोड़ते  चले 
नए  कल  की  ओर  बढ़ते  चले,

आशा  निराशा  तो  वक़्त  की  परिभाषा  है 
चलते  रहना,  ज़िन्दगी  से  यह  वादा  करते  चले!


In Romanagiri:
Kadmon ke nishaan hum chodte chale
Naye kal ki aur badhte chale,

Aasha nirasha toh waqt ki paribhasha hai
Chalte rehna, zindagi se yeh wada karte chale.

Monday, June 13, 2016

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot dated 13.06.2016

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot dated 13.06.2016

Topic: In My City with special guest @WanderlustGirl_

Q1. What's that best thing you have discovered about your city? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q2. If you had to pick one thing about your city, what would it be? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q3. When was the last time you made an itinerary to visit your own city? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q4. What would you recommend about your city to a fellow traveller? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q5. Is there a local tour of your city? Tell us about it. #MeAndMySuitcase

Q6. Do you know the history behind your city's name? #MeAndMySuitcase

Bonus question: Tweet a picture that defines your city, perfectly! #MeAndMySuitcase

Saturday, June 04, 2016

35,000 ft. up with Air Arabia

Flying abroad comes with a huge hole in pocket but not when you have pocket friendly schemes on the airlines. Earlier this month, I visited Jordan with The Brown Scooter and tickets were booked with Air Arabia.