Saturday, May 16, 2015

Foot Care with Oriflame

Beautiful face, soft skin, no blemish, clean and clear. We always target this. 

Our daily ritual includes face wash, moisturizer, sun block, night cream etc. etc. But have we ever give so much attention to our feet. Feet are the most neglected part of our body, mostly.

Well, I have grown up with the advice that always take care of your feet the most. It does a lot for you, from taking care of your weight to take you where your heart desire. SO, its our duty to take care of them too.

To add, beautiful feet actually enhance your sex appeal. People usually judge you with your feet and shoes of course.

Recently I came across this relaxing pedicure set by Oriflame and believe me it’s a life saver.

#MyFirstExpert - My Mom


Practically an expert, synonym of perfection, epitome of love and purity; that's mother.

A best friend and confidante. You have her; you need not ask for more. She loves, she pampers, she cajoles her baby and we love that.

Well my mum is not the kind who'll pamper her kids or spoil them with their unnecessary demands or show off that love. Instead she is the one who's all ears whether you need to speak or not. The one who understands your situation by just looking into the eyes and will teach you to fight like warrior.

She is emotional? Yes. Which mother is not. But she showers her love in a subtle way. She loves me and I love her back but I am sure I will never be a match to that.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

For the good days ahead (जो होता अच्छे के लिए ही होता है)

यादों के पन्ने जब पल्टे, पाए कभी मीठे, कभी खट्टे 

दुखी तो तब हुआ दिल, जब रूबरू हुए फिर वह कड़वे पल 

आँखें फिर हुई  नम, मन को हुआ गम 
समझाया फिर से खुदको, काम ना आएगा वह दर्द 

अधूरे ख्वाब, अधूरी कहानी फिरसे हताश ना करेगी अब हमे 
क्यूंकि समझ आ गयी इस दिल और गवाए समय की महत्वता हमे 

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Ramayana - Shattered Dreams: Book Review

Second of the 6 book series "Ramayana: The Game of Life" is "Shattered Dreams". A tale retold by Shubha Vilas following closely Valmiki's and Kamba's Ramayana for modern audiences.


In the first book the author covered the period of Rama's life in sync with the twelve beautiful years in Ayodhya's life. While this one is more about Rama's strong will, Sita's calmness, patience & resilience and Lakshmana's selfless services towards his elder brother. The book definitely covers the exile. The drama and the action is impeccable.

It has adventure, love, care, deceit, heart breaking conspiracies, hatred but also a teaching of selflessness for a greater good. It illustrates how one can be misunderstood easily and anger is no good but when you have someone who loves you unconditionally and have faith in you, well, then you can conquer anything in life.

This book is in short an interesting ride.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

#MeAndMySuitcase Twitter travel chat dated 06.05.2015

#MeAndMySuitcase travel chat 

Questions for 06.05.2015

This week our topic is “#Travelicious” with special guest @wanderlustgirl_

Q.1 Do you often take off with your mom? #MeAndMySuitcase #MomTravelBuddy

Q.2 The biggest plus point in traveling w/ your lovely mother? #MeAndMySuitcase #MomTravelBuddy

Q.3 Which travel habit have you inherited from your mum? #MeAndMySuitcase #MomTravelBuddy

Q.4 What one tip you would give us to enjoy being on the road with our mum! #MeAndMySuitcase #MomTravelBuddy

Q.5 The mother-child getaway on your wishlist? #MomTravelBuddy #MeAndMySuitcase

Q.6 An unforgettable experience with your mother? Share a picture! #MomTravelBuddy #MeAndMySuitcase