Friday, October 18, 2013


Bollywood and controversies go hand in hand. The news keeps popping up every day & night. Some are still rumours, as not yet solved. But we call them mysteries, as truth still unknown.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Yatra Forever ..but its Kangerlussuaq this time

Dreaming is just half the fun; I say, Just Do It.

Pack your bags and head to the fun way, which I believe its not possible without loved ones' company. I hate travelling alone. What is fun when there is no one you can share your joy with.

I am a travel enthusiast and if given a chance will make my life full of holidays, travelling 365 days plus 1 if its a leap year. How i wish every February had 29 days. Have traveled quite many places in India, have almost covered around 15 states viz. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Hariyana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, West Bengal and last but not the least Delhi. No, i haven't covered chappa chappa of these states, but even if i have visited a city or two i consider it done. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fragrances is the Spice of Memory

Yesterday I was sitting by my room’s large size window, sipping my favorite brew coffee garnished with chocolate powder, watching sky pouring down and smelling wet earth; the best ever thing I get to do during rainy season.

Mausam mastana,
haath mein ek pyala aur
haseen nazara..

The blow of gentle wind and the noise of water droplets rushing towards the mother earth, watching and feeling all this made me feel rejuvenated after a stressful past week. But what really made my day like sone pe suhaga was the smell of hot vada pav and the coconut chutney with curry leaves ka tadka, right from my mother’s kitchen.

Ohh!! The divine smell of my all time favorite snack. It just reminded me of the day when I had first come to Mumbai. It is truly a life savor when your tummy screaming high. You’ll find it at every street and corner of Aamchi Mumbai. It also reminds me of my special friends with whom I have had vada pav many a times be it our road trips or the small hut right outside my college, where we used to go every eve after college.. and now I’m feeling really nostalgic. Really miss college and my buddies. Woh bhi kya din the…

Some fragrances really take you back in time and remind you of beautiful people you came across at each path of life.

The smell of roses in my rose plant stationed in my home terrace, reminds me of the rose day at college when we all friends used to give each other roses and later count them to find out who got the maximum and who gave whom, that used to be fun. I also have, now dried, 2-3 roses from back then, pressed in the pages of my treasured diary.

The smell of freshly washed clothes with the smell of detergent reminds me of my first time clothes washing experience when I went to live in hostel during my college, a home away from home.

The morning chant and the smell of ghee filled wick which my mother lights while praying and also the incense stick that reminds of my summer vacations I spent as kid at my grandparents’ place, when I always woke upto these smells in the morning.  Those were the days I wanna go back to. I really miss my grandmother who was fun, young at heart and at the same time the best teacher.

And last but not the least my favorite smell is the smell of my mother. Every now and then, I get a chance and I just go and hug my mother, her smell does wonder to me, it’s divine. It’s makes me feel home and alive.

Fragrances and thoughts go hand in hand. Every particle, every bit has a kind of smell one can connect to. I do.
Whether its coffee, food, fresh breeze, rain, wet earth or my mother, every smell plays an important role in my life, brings back good old, nostalgic memories, tinkles bells and peps me up.

Days go by,
Path changes every while.
Remains with us are only the memories,
Kabhi khatti, kabhi meethi!!

This post is written for Indiblogger's Smelly to Smiley Blog-contest for Ambi Pur.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

दोस्ती (Friendship)

दोस्ती  वही  जो  कभी  थमती  नही,

दोस्ती  वही  जो  बदलती  नही,

दोस्ती  वही  जो  नापें  नपती  नही,  

दोस्ती  वही  जो  हमेशा  बढ़ती  है,  कभी  घटती  नही !!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bon Voyage to Florean Fortescue's Icecream Parlour

Companions - Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter
Destination - Hogwarts to Florean Fortescue's Icecream Parlour

The summer holidays have started. With me as a new member of the Harry-Hermione-Ron squad, very much accepted being a adventure lover and muggle born, and a recent joinee at Hogwarts as 1st year's; the squad planned to take me to Florean Fortescue's Icecream Parlour to celebrate my 1st semester results and our new friendship. And even though they are my seniors, they are more of buddies with me; except one ragging incidence by Ron of course, Ron, my favorite of the lot, boy like, mischievous and carefree attitude. Hermione is my roommate cum confidante and best gal pal. 

Okay, so we packed bags and started our journey early in the morning, as we planned to go exploring a few places on our way to the Icecream parlour, where we planned to reach only in the night, followed by night trail at the Forbidden Forest (which is not forbidden anymore, since Voldemort and the dark age has lost to the goodness). and later camping.
We packed snacks like my favorite 2 min maggi, biscuits, wafers, juices, some wizardry chocolates and much more, thanks to Ron's never ending appetite.

We started from the Hogwarts first to the Burrows (Weasley's mansion) via train route, literally sitting on the Hogwarts Express (our car also parked on it, resting), listening to the story of Ron-Harry's flight to Hogwarts in Ford Angila at the start of their 2nd year. One hilarious story that is, Hermione and I couldn't stop laughing at Ron who was still making faces outta fear of getting hit by the train, back then.

After getting down at the station, we hit the country road, singing, chattering and snacking on our way to the Burrows. On our arrival we found that hot and delicious breakfast was ready and waiting for us, straight from Mrs. Weasley's kitchen. The house was surrounded by a huge field and a lake, I just loved it, so cosy and full of warmth of Mrs Weasley's love. Needless to mention full of magic, one place the dishes were doing itself and the other place two needle knitting a sweater for me, the one like Ron, Hermione and Harry had by Mrs Weasley. It was a great experience being at Ron's house. After spending sometime there and touring the fields we headed to the Godric's Hollow, Harry's hometown, the place where his parents reside until their demise. We kept chit chatting with the 3 sharing their stories of the Horcrux hunt and the Second Wizarding War. Their inspirational stories have made me respect them even more for their courage and love for fellow beings. We reached the Godric's Hollow by 1 pm and first went to pay homage at Harry's parents grave and then to a local restaurant for our lunch. The food was great all ordered by Ron.

Later, we headed for Diagon Alley at around 3 pm, the high street located in London. On reaching, we parked our Ford Angila outside and entered the Leaky Cauldron, the famous Wizarding pub and first place on the way to access Diagon Alley. We were l'il tired so thought to relax there. We ordered our Butterbeer, sang songs, danced on the beats of Just Beat It, in short had a great time. Harry also helped me getting familiar with the place. After finishing our drinks and l'il masti we headed to the rear courtyard and Harry tapped the bricks in the wall in a certain pattern and I watched that sight with curiosity. The tapping of 5 bricks around the hole in the wall opened the doorway to Diagon Alley.

Diagon Alley wasn't so crowded, thanks to summer holidays. We first went to the pet shop, as I was in real need of a Chipmunk. We bought my 1st and to my surprise a singing Chipmunk. Later, we went to visit Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, a joke shop founded by Ron's twin brothers Fred and George; which sells practical joke objects, viz. Extendable Ears, Love Potions, Pygmy Puffs, etc. But the thing which caught my eyes was Aviatomobilea car toy depicting our real Ford Angila (brain child of Ron's dad). I bought it as a remembrance of this cool trip. I also bought Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs for Diwali celebrations, the festival added newly by the Indian Association to the Hogwarts list of celebrations. Needless to mention, I did enjoy my time with Weasley twins, they are super fun and friendly.

Harry, Ron and Hermione then took me around and showed me a few more places, sharing their memories. Our drive later headed to a l'il, cosy restaurant which was waiting for us to serve our hunger and finally to Florean Fortescue's Icecream Parlour, where I filled myself with the special multilayer Chocolate Sundae with lotsa nuts and choc chips and they also had their favourite icecreams. After our sweet and cold savoury, we headed to the night trail in the Forbidden Forest, but this time full of life, deer dancing, unicorns flying and colorful birds singing.

It is my most favourite and memorable wizardry road trip.

Always remember.. <Where there is Love, there is magic called friendship and a joy ride "Life">  .................Adios !!!

  • This post is dedicated to my Friends Forever and the fun time I had with them.
  • Also it is for the contest by AmbiPurIndia @Indiblogger. Do vote if you like it. Feel free to comment here.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to be fashionable while working out

Style, fashion, being trendy… these have become the penchant in everyone’s life these days. Fashion once upon a time was only restricted to parties and with people of high status. Gone are those days and now, it knows no bounds; be it parties, everyday office wear and moreover when you are working out. In our highly populous country with a high percentage of youngsters, the fitness is in everyone’s heart and soul. Fitness has become the mantra of life and why not “jahan swasthya wahin pragati”and when you can do it fashionably then you can’t ask for anything more.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hum aur Tum -- forever and ever

A beautiful eve by Indiblogger. What a meet it was.. my first of course but loved it. A peek in my experience for you to experience, read on guys...

First thing first, I started writing around two years back and got introduced to Indiblogger last year by my sis who is also a blogger. And I am privileged to be a part of it, a great platform for bloggers to not only share their views, creativity and artistic side but also has the history of organizing the most happening and fun filled meets, which help us connect with other bloggers and share knowledge, experience and on top of everything fun.

This time they had organized the meet at The Leela, brought Zee TV there and had conducted the promotion of ZeeTV Connected - HumTum. We were around 190 bloggers at the meet, a great blend of people, all in get set go position to enjoy the event. Nonetheless, the host Anoop Johnson made the event more eventful. 

The event started with our registration. Then we played some random games, question - answer session, salt & pepper and yes for all this, we bloggers got a lot of goodies.  It was fun, chatting, listening and playing and eating of course, starters were lip smacking.

We were later asked to find the six courageous women amongst crowd, who are the participants of this brand new program ZeeTV Connected - HumTum. Also, we were challenged to get clicked with all of them and take away some great prizes. And mann, all started the search mission with great enthu', there were laughter, shouts, joy and excitement and the place became nothing less than Dadar station :P 

The women in spotlight then gathered on the center stage along came the director of ZeeTV Connected - HumTum Paromita Vohra (a debut project for herself) and introduced us first to the program and then called upon the participants, who then introduced themselves and talked about the show and their experiences. The participants of the series are Pallavi Burman (aBrand Manager-Diesel, fashionista and a shopaholic), Mahima Chaudhury (no not the Pardes gal, but an aspiring actress from Meerut - well i really wish her best), Preeti Kochar (A belly dance instructor by passion and a dentist by profession), Madhavi Mauskar (corporate trainer and a language expert), Sonal Gyani (who lives in mumbai with her twin sis) and the sixth lady, none other then Malishkaaaaa (mumbai ki jaan, top RJ, the one who knows how to bajaofy).

Well ‘Connected’, is a 13-week TV series which showcases an opportunity for the world to see life stories of the above mentioned six courageous Indian women of different ages and at different stages in their lives.  Yes a brand new program on "...Understanding Women Like Never Before", with sutradhaar none other then Abhay Deol's, his debut on television as the host of this path-breaking show. We were then showed an AV of the program, telling us what it is all about. The CEO of Zee TV also came to talk about the program and that how Connected Hum Tum’ is an attempt to demystify women and thereby understand relationships better. 

This followed by a question answer session between the audience aka Indibloggers' and the team of "HumTum". It was commendable to see the ladies and the director answer each and every question, commendable is their courage to hold camera and shoot their real self, showcase their life on Indian Television, really hats off to them. All said and done, tweeting continuously was also the part of the event. I must say people are really creative, when it comes to indibloggers'; the questions, the tweets, everything was great.

Hey heyy heyyy!! How can i forget The Hurr  session, all standing up, screaming and do some halla bol kind of thing. Can say, it was a nice way to connect and spread a lot of laughter. The charge of the hall was real high, electric and magnetic.
We all then gathered on front stage, and had a lot of group snapping with the 'Connected' team. A perfect yahoo moment.

And who says No to Gifts? We got some cool Indiblogger T's and an artistic web cam. This followed by lot of interaction over lazeez khaana, and delicious desserts, well Baked Alaska became my favorite of that eve. The whole karyakram went from 19:00 hrs and to around 23:00 hrs and it was worth it. I bid my good bye to the indibloggers', before heading back home.

For more pics, you can log on to facebook and check them out at my Facebook Page and for  a lot more do visit Indiblogger Facebook Page.

Hope you enjoyed reading!! 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Variety is the sPicE of Life..

Theme: Sports with variety cuppa and gourmet dishes

Its cricket fever going on... and what would be better than lazeez (aka delicious) dishes on the plate, drinks and lots of screaming and cheering to enjoy the very game cricket.

IPL season is on and that definitely calls for a party.. watching with friends and family is an awesome way to bond with them when you are really not able to take out time for them out of your work and IPL schedule.
We all have some favorites be it teams or players... since today is the finals i have thought of bonding with my friends by organizing an IPL bash at MY PLACE, which is today.

Ambience, jaisa des waisa bhes-
Boss cricket hai to thoda chirpy, loud mahol to banta hai. I have the flat screen and the big speakers with surround sound. To match cricket I have decided on desi theme at home; from cushion covers to utensils ..all will be typically desi  and lights dim.

Entertainment, shuru kiya jaye-
Any party is incomplete without good music, so have got a good collection from the winning songs to the desi mix of punjabi, bolly, funky south indian tracks and pop songs with high beats. During the match, guessing game between the guests has been planned like who will hit how many sixes or fours, who will take the next catch, targets etc; for which the winner will be awarded by a cheer and an extra glass of beverage to cheers.
Have also planned to arrange for drums and bugles and asked my guests blow their trumpet when their team is on the winning spree.

Dress Code, soot boot mein aaya kanhaiya band bajane ko-
Ab itna sab kiya hai toh dress code to banta hai. To enjoy more and to show our support for our respective favorite teams, to come in sync with IPL masti, I have decided to keep the dresscode i.e. team specific jerseys..paired wid anything like skirts, pyjamas, jeans, shorts etc. Funky jewelley, caps, face paints, funky hairdos are allowed too.

KhaNa kHzaanA-
Good Music and Good Food makes a party rock. And when it comes to good food who can beat Kitchens of India. To satisfy the hunger caused by continuous cheering, screaming and fights among pals over teams and lots of dancing, I have decided on some in-between snacks and full meal once the match is over. Snacks like pizzas, finger chips, sizzlers, popcorns, starters like paneer tikka & mushroom basket; desi vada pav and samosas and in beverages hot and cold coffe, dew and fanta.. kuch thanda, kuch garam!! Aur full on masti k baad real pet pooja with hot Mirch ka Salan, Paneer Darbari, Dal Bukhara, Noormahal Biryani and Tandoori and Rumali roti. Would like to add dessert too at the end.. jeet huyi toh kuch meetha ho jaye Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa.
Ant bhala toh sab bhala-
Party toh ek bahana haimaksad toh friends ke saath samay bitana hai aur achcha achcha khana hai. 
Courtesy- Kitchens of India products, you are the king of KhaNa kHzaanA

Hoping to Have a blast!!!

May the best team win..... :)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


क्षितिज  को  आंखों  में  बसा  सकते  हैं,
उसकी  ख़ूबसूरती  बखूबी  निहार  सकते  हैं!
अगर  हो  जज़्बा  सपने पूरे  करने  का,
क्षितिज तक  की  दूरी  भी  मिटा  सकते  हैं!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hari Puttar aur uski toli :P

One eve I was watching a movie from my all time favorite movie series Harry Potter.
My dad always curious about my love for this movie series, that day finally asked me, "why do you like harry potter movies so much?" And I answered him saying its a fantasy movie and i just love it but that wasn't the satisfactory answer, not to me.

It got me really thinking that what is it about HP that I really love, what makes me feel so connected with its characters, what's in the movie that has a good hold on me?

Friendship - forever and for always!!!

Life goes on, Time rolls on and We move on.

You me, we all make friends, Love them and try to Keep them, to eventually lose them someday; to time, to circumstances, to misunderstandings and miss deeds; which shouldn't have happened.

Sometimes you just sit down, look up and question why things went wrong, when and where? Sure enough of not getting the correct answer; you sarcastically smile at yourself and your life without your lovely friend, with tears in your eyes from trying to move on in life, leaving what has already been left behind. But in heart still wanting to pick up with them where you had left. Well matter of hearts is not easy for even Almighty God to understand.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Good - Bad; Bad - Good.
Life's a vicious circle. But sometimes i don't feel it is. Sometimes what we see is nothing but Bad; so much of it that Good tend to lose its importance. Is it really fair to someone, overwhelming bad and negligible good?

As they say "Good will definitely happen, if not now may be later". But i ask, will it really be worth waiting? You need something now and you really deserve it, but if you don't get it now then what is the use?

People say "Whatever happens, happens for good". Really?? Then why that good hurts? Is it really all Real or are we living in a superficial world full of pretenders.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ajnabee Raahein...

Ajnabee Raahon per chal pade jab,
tab Waqt ki kya Fiqar!

Fiqar toh milte un Raahiyon se hai,
jo Chod jaate hain beech Mod per!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

e - GO

EGO - A need for life, if it is in right amount, right way and is rightfully right. Self Esteem is the LOC.
In any relation, the breach of this LOC, not only will bring negativity but will act as a catalyst in the mass destruction of self and relationships.

We feel small in saying sorry, but actually doing so doesn't imply that one has lost or don't have enough courage or have lost the battle of words. Instead it means you respect the relation more. It can be with others or with self. Don't let ego penalize yourself.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February -- the month of love!!

February -- the month of love... Really!!???

Well, at least I don't see love around but only hatred, jealousy, fright, fight, terror, envious feelings, people trying to pull others down, cheating, revenge...the list is endless!! 

Here people are scared to compete with themselves, so try to pull others down or push them in the valley of darkness. They are sacred of losing, so try to win over less powerful or those they think are inferiors.

People don't like peace, always in the sight of taking REVENGE; the recent TERROR attack in Hyderabad is the proof. Why can't people just live and let others live!!??? They are not brave or powerful, they are cowards; the most FRIGHTENED ones, those who want to overpower others, possess them, own what is not there own, whether its people or country. Get a life, accept your short comings, try to compete with yourself.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ek Chhand Dosti Ke Naam...

पहले  मिला  करते  थे  रोज़  रोज़;
चेहरों  को  ना  पड़ता  था  खोज !

फिर  रोज़  से  दिन  बने  हफ्ते, महीने  और  फिर  साल  में  एक  बार;
पर  फिर  भी  अटूट  वह  जो  हमेशा  जुड़ी  रहे  through  दिल  के  तार !

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

And once again a new year...

Was it a wonderful year? Or will the one which has already been started will be?
Every 31st December, we all think about it.. don't we?

Well the speculations, anxiety, apprehensions all are there by default. You dwell over questions and answers of the said and unsaid specially on 31st of December and 01st January.

How the new year will turn out to be? Good or Bad?? But the key is to just keep doing the best, keep working in the positive direction, invest in good deeds. 

Its about what you plan now to rectify old mistakes, to realize what you really need and to move forward on the right note; to fulfill your dreams, get success in all your endeavors and make the new year a worthwhile journey.