Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thumbs Up: Climb up fasteR


Planned at 0730 hrs doom... became 0900 hrs. Yeah!! Can blame it to traffic due to Ganesha Visarjan, that VT people could not make it on time.

0900 hrs: Reached Panvel station, and we had to face the consequences. It was sunny outside, bright and shining sun was dancing on our head, though we were hoping for a cloudy morning for the clouds which showered last night. Anyway we had to move forward, we met at station, Me, Pooja, Bruh, Pranav, Mahesh and Aparna. We had an energy bar and kick started our journey to catch tum tum (yes, that is what they call it, an 8-seater auto like vehicle) to Karnala fort cum Bird Sanctuary.